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Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu)

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Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu)

Surah Tawbah

Authored by Alama Imad ud Din Ibn Kathir
Translated by Maulana Muhammad Sahib Juna Garhi
Compiled by Lt Col (R) Muhammad Ashraf Javed

This is the only Surah to which the usual formula of Bismillah is not prefixed. It was among the last of the Surahs revealed, and though the Prophet had directed that it should follow Surah 8, it was not clear whether it was to form a separate Surah or only a part of Surah 8. It is now treated as a separate Surah, but the Bismillah is not prefixed to it, as there is no warrant for supposing that the Prophet used the Bismillah before it in his recitation of Quran.
The Surah is known under many names; the most commonly used are;
- Al Tawbah (Repentance), with reference to 9:104, and
- Bara'ah (The Disavowed), the opening word of the Surah.
Summary- Treaties with those Pagans who have treacherously broken their terms are denounced, but four months' time is given for adjustments or repentance. Pagan to be excluded from the sacred Mosques. Infidelity to be fought (9:1-29).
The People of the Book have obscured the light of Allah, but the Truth of Allah must prevail over all. We must be ready to fight for the Faith that is in us; otherwise we shall be unworthy to uphold Allah's banner, and He will raise other people in our place (9:30-42).
The Hypocrites and their double dealing; their evil ways pointed out. Their punishment will be as sure as the blessings of the righteous (9:43-72).
All evil should be resisted, unless there is repentance; falsehood is not content with breach of faith but mocks all good; it should not be envied but shunned (9:73-99).
The good pleasure of Allah is with those who are sincere and make sacrifices in His cause; He will forgive those who do wrong and repent, but not those who intend mischief and foment unbelief and disunion among believers. The Believers by their self-surrender obtain eternal Felicity. Allah will turn in mercy even to those who, though they waver or fail in duty, turn at last to Him (9:100-118).
Those who believe should associate with the righteous and the truthful, actively doing their duty. But if the Community marches out, a part of them should remain behind for the purpose of diligently studying religion and teaching their brethren when they return. Every Surah increases the faith of those who believe, though those diseased in heart may add doubt to doubt. Trust in Allah, Lord of the Throne of Glory (9:119-129).
Abdullah Yusuf Ali

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1533411255 / 9781533411259
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