LOVE: The Common Denominator

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LOVE: The Common Denominator

Revised & Updated

Authored by Suzzan Babcock

Our Story 1994: My Lost Love recounts the first six months of Craig and Suzzan's amazing experience. The book covers their calling out of Saudi Arabia, through Cyprus, to their final destination the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem on April 4 1994. We should mention that the book portrays the events from their frame of understanding at the time, namely a traditional Judeo-Christian interpretation.

LOVE The Common Denominator continues with their account of what they learned through guided study while making sense of their mission of understanding life's purpose. Led by the Great Spirit-Mind, they discover how distorted the world's divine teachers' messages have become through dogma, doctrine, and intellectualism. The book has three volumes, which Suzzan describes as a seven-year labor of love gathering the pieces of knowledge left scattered throughout the earth amongst the world's religious and sacred texts. In essence, for Suzzan it was like constructing a metaphorical Jigsaw Puzzle to reveal the final picture, the Truth.

Volume I examines the debate between creation and evolution and the mysterious references to gods and demigods in antiquity. Then, following chronologically through the Old Testament, Suzzan demonstrates how Humanity's concept of history may be wrong and that what we thought of as history, is in fact allegory. Conversely, what we have accepted as metaphor and allegory is in truth recounting historical events. She ends this volume by comparing the similarity of the world teachers' messages.

Volume II traces the origins of Christianity and its struggle through persecution to define who Jesus was. In addition, it investigates whether orthodoxy or Catholicism was the closest to Jesus' teachings, asking is it possible his earliest followers were members of another sect. Following our time-line, the second volume examines the rise of Islam, and the revival of ancient mystical teachings. Arriving in the Middle Ages, Suzzan discovers how dangerous fear and superstition was and still is to our spiritual growth. With the Renaissance, she recounts how western civilization appears to emerge from the Dark Ages with the promise of enlightened understanding. Volume II ends with a discussion on Humanity's devolution into war and Suzzan's hypothesis over some of the causes involved. In other words, the entrance of malevolent energies driving the world to materialistic thought, instead of moving forward in spiritual understanding.

Finally, Volume III concerns uncovering the Mysteries spoken of by Jesus and Paul, relating the irrevocable connection between Humanity's spiritual and physical evolution. In this last volume, Suzzan demonstrates how encoded numbers and symbology have concealed the Truth for millennia. She also illustrates that the scriptures contain at least seven keys of interpretation and shows how the world's religions all originate through a common thread known as the Wisdom Religion. In the conclusion, Suzzan assembles the metaphorical Jigsaw Puzzle and discovers the simple universal Truth that Great Spirit-Mind wants us all to understand.

Due to the dynamic nature of inspiration, in this revised edition, Suzzan amends her conclusion on the role of "ETs" in our history. In addition, she presents newly discovered relevant material, enhancing the original book.

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