Transcendent Tales - Volume Two

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About the author:
From a young age Adam Train possessed an innate desire to create worlds and characters, first with pencil and crayon, and later with the written word.
Having grown up during the Lucas/Spielberg onslaught of the 80s and 90s, and discovering pulp storyteller greats like Robert E. Howard and HP. Lovecraft, it wasn't long before Adam's desire to create had reached fever pitch.
The result was Transcendent Tales.
Fuelled by an insatiable, and often annoying, fascination with history, a love of travel and a passion for cinema and creative story telling, Adam is always working on a new story. Conceiving and writing all tales, he self publishes his works from his home in Adelaide, South Australia.

Transcendent Tales - Volume Two

Authored by Adam Train, Tony Berry

Transcendent Tales - Volume Two

A collection of six science fiction and fantasy tales by Adam Train. Whether it's aliens or Atlanteans, samurai or cyborgs, Transcendent Tales has got you covered.

Tales include:

The Legends of Skoll - The Wildman
'Blood for bounty, that is our affair' - Skoll
Beset by a savage Wildman, a small Cathay village employs Skoll and Bhalu to slay the monster and liberate them from its clutches.

Prisoner of Hakai -An advanced alien race absorbs the Earth into its galactic empire, claiming the right to rule and a divine right to the planet. Imposing their fierce religious doctrine upon the globe, any resistance is met with vicious and sudden reprisal. Despite the Hakai's dogmatic and oppressive rule, some are willing to oppose them.

Final Tide - 'There occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune, all your warlike men in a body, sank into the earth and the island of Atlantis, in like manner, disappeared into the depths of the sea.' - Plato, 428 BCE - 347 BCE

The Unseen - 'There is nothing more terrifying or more maddening than that which is unseen. My name is Albert Frank Tarbell, born August 12th 1903 in Boston, Massachusetts. And what follows is the truth; no matter how disturbing or inconceivable it may seem.'

Rendezvous at Pine Point - An outlaw on the run must spend a night in an isolated mountain shack. There he is confronted with the ghosts of his past and his future fate.

Prey - Lurking in the shadows of misty peaks and dark forests, the ancient cousins of mankind stalk the frozen lands that forged them. Isolated for half a million years, the icy barriers that once kept the two apex predators apart are no more.

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1535135581 / 9781535135580
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