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Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu)

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Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu)

Tafsir Ibn Kathir (Urdu) Surah 47-57

Authored by Alama Imad ud Din Ibn Kathir
Translated by Maulana Muhammad Sahib Juna Ghari
Compiled by Lt Col (R) Muhammad Ashraf Javed

Aggressive hostility to Faith and Truth should be fought firmly, and Allah will guide.
Faint-heartedness condemned; those who strive and those who turn away will be sorted out.
Victory comes from cool courage, devotion, faith, and patience, as shown at Hudaybiyah; therefore remember Allah, and follow His Prophet.
Its subject matter is the manners to be observed by the members of the rapidly-growing Muslim community, among themselves and towards its Leader. The keyword "Hujurat" (Chambers) occurs in verse 4.
Its date is referred to the Year of Deputations, A.H. 9, when a large number of deputations of all kind visited Madinah to offer their allegiance to Islam.
A community must show its respect to its Leader in all forms of behaviour; quarrels are unseemly and should be composed; manners spring from morals; and mutual respect and confidence are a duty and a privilege in Islam.
Skeptics can look up the heavens above and to Nature around them, as well as the fate of sin in the history of past: will they doubt Allah's Revelation when the veil is lifted?
A vision of the Day of Recompense and the Day of Reality.
This Surah (51) deals with the varying ways in which Truth prevails irresistibly even against all human probabilities.
Summary- The winds may blow and scatter, lift and rash, or divide in all directions; but the Truth and Promise of Allah are sure and stable, whereof you may see Signs both around and within you.
Past events and what you see before you point to the unfailing consequences of all you do: Allah, of His Grace, sends you a Reminder: the loss is your own if you reject and deny.

This Surah (52) is, like its predecessor, an early Makkan Surah. The points here emphasized are: that Revelation is in accord with all Allah's Signs, including previous Revelation, and that the Hereafter is inevitable, and we must prepare for it.
Summary- All Signs of Allah, including previous Revelation, point to the inevitable consequences of ill-deeds and good deeds: how can people deny or ignore the Message of Revelation?

The particular theme of this Surah is that Revelation is not an illusion: the illusion is in the minds of those who doubt and have false ideas of Allah: Allah is the source and goal of all things.
Summary of Surah 53- The impression received by the Prophet in revelation is neither error on his part nor deception by others, nor does he speak from selfish motives: it comes clearly from Allah, Who is not what the vain imagination of men conceive: He is Al-in-All, First and Last, Lord of all. Ample in forgiveness
Those who turn away are petty and ignorant, not knowing that Allah is the source and goal of all things---in men, in nature, and in the events of history; therefore serve ye Him.
Summary of Surah 54- The Hour of Judgement is nigh, but men forget or reject the Message, and did the people of Noah, of 'Ad, of Thamud, of Lut, and Pharaoh. Is there any that will receive admonition?
Surah Rahman is highly poetical and most sublime, and the refrain "Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?" is interspersed 31 times among its 78 verses.
It is the sixth of the series of seven dealing with Revelation, the favours of Allah, and the Hereafter; see Introduction to Surah 1.
Here the special theme is indicated by the refrain. The rhyme in most cases is in the Dual grammatical form, and the Argument implies that though things are created in pairs, there is an underlying Unity, through the Creator, in the favours which He bestows, and in the goal to which they are marching.
Summary- Allah Most Gracious has sent revelation, one of His greatest favours to man; His creation is in pairs, well-balanced; all created things receive His favours, but they will all pass away, and only Allah will endure through the ages (55:1-34, and C. 232).
Ultimately all evil shall return to its destination, as well as all Good, but ever blessed is the name of Allah, Lord of Glory, Honour and Bounty

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