the Relic, the Effort, the Yell

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the Relic, the Effort, the Yell

"Down in the Dirt" magazine v139 (September/October 2016)

Authored by Scars Publications, Allan Onik, Katie Moore, Andy Tu, David Russell, Ava Collopy, Kimba Rose Williams, Andria Weekes, Janet Kuypers, Kazel Wood, Gabriel Valdez, Maximilian Weihe, Emily Manno, Scott Mahoney, Jo Thomoson, Jaron Camp, Nathan Driscoll, Richard Schnap, Blake Corrao, Kendra Burns, Denny E. Marshall

"the Relic, the Effort, the Yell" is a 2016 Scars Publications poetry and prose book with material from assorted writers and artists, as the September/October 2016 issue release of the literary magazine "Down in the Dirt" ( Since 2014 "Down in the Dirt" magazine is released every other month (and sometimes with bonus issues) as a 6"x9" perfect-bound paperback book, with not only it's usual ISSN# (print ISSN# 1554-9623 and Internet ISSN# 1554-9666), but also an ISBN#. Because of ISBN# releases, all issues now carry a title to accompany the new format, reflecting the writing inside the book as well as the cover design. Writers and artists included in this Scars Publications perfect-bound 6" x 9" ISBN# paperback book include Allan Onik (with "Out?To Eat"), Kyle Hemmings (with "Lips 2" - art), Allan Onik (with "Orb"), Edward Michael O'Durr Supranowicz (with "Uncertain Orbit" - art), Allan Onik (with "The Coin and the Pendulum"), Katie Moore (with "An Aged Affair" and "Separated"), Andy Tu (with "She Will"), David Russell (with "Man on top New Beach Embrace" - art), Ava Collopy (with "Retail"), Kimba Rose Williams (with "Where There's a Will..."), Wes Heine (with "11947841" - art), Andria Weekes (with "A lost brother"), Janet Kuypers (with "mirror"), Kimba Rose Williams (with "Skritch Skritch"), Kazel Wood (with "Kazel Wood"), Janet Kuypers (with "end"), Gabriel Valdez (with "Needles of the Heart"), Maximilian Weihe (with "Island of the Misfit Boys"), Janet Kuypers (with "labor"), Emily Manno (with "The Boiler Room"), Janet Kuypers (with "labor"), Scott Mahoney (with "Just Another Day At The Sandy Dunes Beach View Hotel"), Janet Kuypers (with "free"), Jo Thomoson (with "Casual Tuesday"), Jaron Camp (with "The Phone was Ringing"), Nathan Driscoll (with "When God Comes to Brannon, Ohio"), Richard Schnap (with "Artifacts"), Richard Schnap (with "Post?Purse"), Richard Schnap (with "Mid Life Crisis"), Blake Corrao (with "Angry Letter From A Dead Son To A Remarried Mother" and "Beach House"), Kendra Burns (with "Crash Landing"), David Michael Jackson (with "Country Club" - art), Mario "Maxx" Hassell (with "Relic"), Rishi Ravichandran (with "How I Lived To Tell the Tale"), Janet Kuypers (with "greatest"), Moshe Prigan (with "The Yell"), Janet Kuypers (with "found haiku"), Denny E. Marshall (with "haiku (kills)"), Denny E. Marshall (with "haiku (blood)"), Denny E. Marshall (with "haiku (dark)"), Janet Kuypers (with "elusive"), Denny E. Marshall (with "haiku (revenge)"), Denny E. Marshall (with "haiku (steals)"), Denny E. Marshall (with "haiku (expands)"), Janet Kuypers (with "Ever Expanding Spaces"), Denny E. Marshall (with "haiku (secret)"), Denny E. Marshall (with "haiku (wait)"), Victor Pearn (with "In 1959" and "Strawberry Point"), Liam C. Calhoun (with "It'll be crimson tonight"), Ed Nichols (with "The Picture"), David Russell (with "Diving Girl 0070" - art), Bob Strother (with "Community Service"), Edward Michael O'Durr Supranowicz (with "Another Underwater Adventure" - art), C. D. Wight (with "A Place in Life"), Brian Looney (with "Triple Prong" - art), Mark Plummer (with "Goulash"), John Grey (with "A Get-Together Ten Years Down the Road"), Marlon Jackson (with "Representing"), Mark J. Mitchell (with "a Gospel of San Francisco"), Ken Allan Dronsfield (with "Brambles and Wine"), Kayla Cordone (with "The Effort"), Manuel Moya (with "The Certificate"), Fabrice Poussin (with "The Smokies" - art), Tracy Blake (with "Four Glances"), and Eleanor Leonne Bennett (with "Image Edit 6 4274691868" - art).

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1537538756 / 9781537538754
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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