Transition Economics

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About the author:
This is Edward Tilley's third book in Economics. He is a six-time Hitech CEO, Prodigious Author, Speaker and Chairman of Toronto Think-tank CSQ Research.

His current books include CSQ Common Sense 101, World Peace - The Transition, Transition Economics, TE Maturity Modeling, and The Last Generation plus with over 30 published articles in Technology, Engineering, Economics, Philosophy, Democracy, Civilization History, and Business.

Edward is a big-picture, process-minded and strategic engineer; a life-long researcher and thought-leader with the experience needed to build a working plan for Turn-around and Renewable Automations that support our Societies and Economies sustainably.

Transition Economics

The Science of Sustainability

Authored by Mr Edward Michael Tilley
Edition: 1

Transition Economics - the Science of Sustainability.

Transition Economics is the Science of Renewable Automation and Government Policies that reset and correct the naturally repeating Depressions within our economies. TE Policy ensures that people are supported with strong business case-driven living incomes, and that incomes have renewed spending-power too. Sustainability and Advancing Economies is the goal of every TE-Maturity Modelled Policy.

This Reference Guide to Transition Economics explains why 72% of our economies worldwide are in a Collapse Trending and why TE-Mature nations are proven to turn-around and sustain economies 95% of the time by the same measures.

Have you ever wondered why do monetary, housing, and social policies work well for some generations - like they did in the 1950s and 1960s; but they do not seem to be working today? The reason is that Capitalism is cyclic - and policy that works in the beginning of an Economic Cycle needs to change at the end of a Cycle. Its simple once you understand how to change policy responsibly; how to Transition.

Inequity costs the United States up to $8 trillion dollars annually because 160 million people are unable to contribute to wealth creation as in other countries.

TE turns the 970 jobs lost to automation per month (per million population) into a tremendous revenue opportunity and even into a sustainable society as well.

* Licenced Renewable Automation
* Guaranteed Living Incomes
* Universal Healthcare, DayCare, and Education
* Housing Controls that end Housing Bubbles
* The Business Case for Empathy and Social Support... and much more.

When science solves Global and Social Problems,
Finance prevents Science,
Transition Economics fixes Finance

The Science of Cycle Economics

A Game of Monopoly permits us to view a 60-year Capitalist cycle in just 60 or 90 minutes of play. Notice that normal "status-quo" strategies from the beginning of the game, do not work near the end - in the hotel-round of the game - and also notice what happens at the end of the game; all property returns to the bank for redistribution so that the game can begin again. Wealth Distribution - is needed to restart the game (the cycle) again at the end.

In Spring and Summer Phases of a 60-year K-Wave cycle, wealth is distributed and society has equality of opportunity.

In Autumn wealth begins to accumulate and Socialistic policies sustain a Good Life for all very well. It is for this reason that Norway and The Netherlands have a Good Life and strong equality still today in a Great Depression. Basically, adopt Policies just the same as the Netherlands and Norway do.

In Winter, Policies that RESET the Economy by providing Incomes and restoring Spending-Power are Critical.

The deeper the Wealth Redistribution in a Winter Phase, the longer and more successful is the next 60-year Cycle.

Educution in Democracy and Change

When a trained Monarch governed the Economy in ancient Mesopotamia, "Jubilees" corrected the problem easily. When untrained modern-day Democracies governed, these corrections can create tremendous human suffering. In approximately 20% of Great Depressions historically, War or Revolution was required to redistribute wealth, most Great Depressions however, found new funding sources and distributed those new funds.

In a Democracy, we must teach voters in High School about the Transition Economics Civics lessons that sustain a Good Life and American Dream sustainably.

This Collector' First Edition will be followed by an Editor's Release and Audiobook in early 2017.

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