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The Return Viewer's Guide

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About the author:
I was born in Montreal Quebec, Canada in 1960. I am very fortunate to be a father and very proud of my two children Sandra and Will together with my very special Mom and Dad and my two wonderful sisters and our entire family my life has been full of love and complete.

At the time I saw the Object of the Crossing Down I was probably 12 years old and our family home was in Lorne Park, Mississauga Ontario. Using a small backyard telescope I saw the Object of the Crossing Down return and cross down between the Moon and the Earth and I saw the fantastic ancient sights within the Moon's transformed Changed and Lasting Light and so can you. I know that when I describe such things as for example the Ancient Man Of Light, everything that I saw repeats and happens again the exact same way every time the Object crosses down between the Earth and Moon. This means that when I describe what I saw I am also describing what will be seen in the future and also exactly what was always seen in the past by all of our ancestors. My descriptions are accurate and reliable and dependable. Some of my guesses about various related topics will prove to be incorrect. Also some of my guesses will turn out to be good guesses. My descriptions of the crossing Object and the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light is not something I attempt to prove today because that would be impossible. Instead when the Object returns and changes the light from the Moon and then casts shadows into it's Changed and suddenly Lasting Light everything will become clear to everyone... thank you, Don Beeton

The Return Viewer's Guide

Important Information For Future Viewer's

Authored by Don G Beeton

It was probably 1972 when as a boy by accidental sheer luck while looking at the Moon while using a small backyard telescope I saw a fantastic celestial Object cross down through between the Moon and the Earth. When this happens the eclipsing Object's forces cause the Moon's light to become suddenly drastically changed in appearance and behavior once it becomes visible again following the crossing Object's eclipse of the Moon. The fantastic things that are seen in the Moon's changed light repeat in exact detail every time the speeding orbiting Object crosses down and causes the Changed Light event to occur. When I describe what I saw I am also describing what will be seen. You can see the exact same ancient Lasting Light sights that all of our ancestors saw. The Return Viewer's Guide book content and all my information is available free on my website. All of my information is always free. I don't sell information and my descriptions instead I give that away because it's the right thing to do. I provide descriptions and viewing advice for future viewers. With this information future viewers will be able to see the incredible ancient sights and things that happen within the Moon's Changed Light with foreknowledge that will prove to be invaluable. That's important and that is one reason why all of my information is free for everyone. Separately I am hoping that some people may be interested in a book version of the Return Viewer's Guide. It appears that the orbiting astronomical object that I saw may have an orbital time period of 46 years and 1 day. I believe that the object that I saw may have been seen and reported on the evening of May 24, 1926. I think that I may have seen the Object the evening of May 25, 1972. The time between these two dates is 46 years and 1 day. Going forward in time another 46 years and 1 day from when I think I saw the Object the date is May 26, 2018. Along with the first two dates the May 26, 2018 date falls on a day that is also three nights before the full Moon. It could turn out that the speeding forward rolling Standing Stone Crater covered Object that I saw and describe in the Return Viewer's Guide may return down from the depths of space on the evening of May 26, 2018. Either way no matter when the Object that I saw actually does return home again my descriptions will prove to be authentic and dependable for future viewers because I actually really did see the Object cross down and I did see the Moon's Changed Light and I describe both. From the point in time when you hear the news that the returning Object has been detected you will then be able to start to realize for yourself that you really do have a chance to see the ancient Object and especially the Moon's Changed and Lasting Light. Anyone who looks at the right time when the Object eclipses the Moon will see because in the next second the Changed Light is seen to the right. That's the basic point of the Return Viewer's Guide. Anyone who looks up at the right time can see the Object and the very special and profoundly important visual spectacle that the Object causes to happen when the eclipsed moon's light emerges from behind the Object's upper right horizon and to the right of the forward rolling Object. The ancient Changed and Lasting sights are there to be seen and experienced by everyone who looks and remains looking at the difficult and wondrous Changed and Lasting Light from the Moon the next time the Object returns and crosses down in front of the Moon.

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1537720880 / 9781537720883
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