The Copper Scroll Incident

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The Copper Scroll Incident

Authored by Maj. Tom Baird (ret.), Jon van Helsing
Edition: First

Living as an exile in Alqosh, Iraq, the Old Testament prophet Nahum writes the last two “chapters” of his Old Testament prophecy on a Copper Scroll and hides the scroll in a secret catacomb, with the explicit instruction that it is not to be revealed until the “end times.” This prophecy is discovered in the seventh century by a bishop named Nestorius. Realizing that the “end times” are still centuries in the future, he instructs one of his followers, Rabban Mar Hormizd to build a monastery and hide The Copper Scroll within the catacombs of that monastery.

The Copper Scroll remained hidden until September 13, 2015 when two “archeologists” discover The Copper Scroll within the monastery catacombs were Rabban Mar Hormizd had hidden it. To help Peshmerga fighters to buy food and weapons resist the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the archeologists put the scroll and other artifacts up for sale at the famous Sotheby’s Auction House in New York City, praying that the scroll will fall into the right hands.

The Lord gives the September 13, 2015 discovery date to an obscure Israeli prophet named Natan Solomon. Knowing the date is important, Natan calls his close friend: Tom Barton, a retired United States Army Major known to the world as “the Major.” Managing a missionary outreach in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, he turns miscreant young men into obedient military men and operatives.

The Major and his staff search the Internet day and night before they discover what happened on September 13, 2015. The Major, realizes the Lord wants him to buy The Copper Scroll. He makes arrangements for his top operatives to visit Sotheby’s Auction House to purchase the scroll. Just ask the auction is starting, the Major discovers the presence of someone working presidential candidate Hillary Rodham at the auction but can’t get word to his bidders in time. Thankfully, the operatives are drawn to the scroll and irrespective of the Major’s orders, they continue bidding against Hillary’s operative until that operative’s cell phone suddenly quits working, allowing the NCO and his wife to purchase the scroll.

The Major, realizing that he has caught the ire of Hillary Rodham, makes arrangements with a rich Caribbean businessman to pick up his bidders at a private New York City airport with his jet plane and fly them to Grand Cayman Island. There, they can place The Copper Scroll in a secure bank vault, away from the evil eyes of the those who desire to steal it. To confuse those potential thieves, the Major has a fake scroll created to sell to potential thieves as the real scroll. Then, while the forces of evil steal the fake scroll, the Major hopes to spirit the real scroll away to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

“Mission Creep” kicks in when Ms. Rodham makes a deal with the terrorists permitting her to “rent” the stolen scroll from them for $1,000,000 for a period of one day, hoping a witchcraft ceremony in Haiti will give her the Vril power and energy she needs to defeat her opponent in the fall campaign. She knows that without this power, her and her campaign will fall apart at the seams.

The Major then learns from the van Helsing family, that if Hillary does her witchcraft ceremony using the fake scroll, it will bring about a major financial depression and potentially a world war that will destroy the economies of the United States, Great Britain, Europe, and Asia. They realize that they have to destroy the fake scroll while dealing with yet another mysterious player who wants The Copper Scroll. Can the Major and his people pull off this elaborate plan? Can they get the real scroll to Israel before anyone notices? Can they destroy the fake scroll before the world economy is plunged into a devastating depression? Read The Copper Scroll Incident and read how history could be happening right before our eyes.

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1537682598 / 9781537682594
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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Fiction / Christian / Suspense

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