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Theia Returns

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About the author:
I was born in Montreal Quebec, Canada in 1960. At the time I saw the Object of the Crossing Down I was probably 12 years old and our family home was in Lorne Park, Mississauga Ontario. I am very fortunate to be a father and I am very proud of my two children Sandra and Will together with my very special Mom and Dad and my two wonderful sisters and our entire family my life has been full of love and complete.

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The Return Viewer's Guide is also included in The Big Full Circle.

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Theia Returns

Is The Object Of The Crossing Down Theia, Planet Nine?

Authored by Don G. Beeton

Did I see Theia? Is Theia also Planet Nine? It might be and if that's the case the object that struck the early Earth causing the formation of the Moon still exists and it still orbits through on what must be it's original orbital path. I wonder if the Object that I saw cross down through between the Earth and the Moon is Theia. Are the gravitational effects that have been observed by astronomers caused by the fantastic astronomical object that I saw? They theorize that Planet Nine is a large object at a great distance. I saw a massive speeding much smaller object at a close distance. The object I saw caused the light from the Moon to become drastically changed in appearance and behavior. I understand that according to today's scientific understanding there is certainly no where near enough distance between the Earth and the Moon for an astronomical body that is capable of changing the way light behaves. This clearly does say a lot to me about the special nature of the crossing Object I saw and it's powerful forces. I saw the Object of the Crossing Down and I describe it in the Return Viewer's Guide and on my website were it is free. After I heard about the Giant Impact theory where the theorized planet Theia collided with the Earth causing the formation of the Moon I started to realize that the Object I saw could actually be Theia! This was a shock for me but also it right away made sense to me and now I wonder and don't see how the Object I saw couldn't be Theia. Theia is thought to have been absorbed into the Earth's core and the debris from the impact of it's collision with the Earth was thrown out into space to then orbit around the Earth. The debris apparently then eventually formed the Moon as we see it today. It looks like the second part of the theory is correct but Theia obviously barely slowed down and just kept going continuing along it's fantastic orbital course after basically blasting it's way through the early Earth. The Standing Stone Craters on the crossing Object's surface look like they were formed when tremendous pressure from within the Object blasted up and outwards into space. The incredible massive towering crater rim pieces that neatly ring all of the various size craters are all in place without any vertical rim pieces missing. Certainly the Object's surface is not rock. Instead the surface of the smooth shinning reflective Object must have a very high metal content. The bases of the vertical rim pieces are bent upward 90 degrees vertically. This very intimidating Object was geologically active at some point in it's long history. This does present some obvious concerns as well. All I know for certain is that the night I saw the Object it was not noticed and certainly the Object's crossing caused no destruction on the Earth. I believe the Object may have crossed down the night of May 24, 1926. It does appear that we had a safe Return at that time. There is such a thing as a safe Return. When Object is detected and then observed it will be clear that the Object I describe can and does cross down through between the Earth and the Moon safely. This is a tremendously important fact that will be apparent instantly and this should help to ease the world's fear and the stress level. The Object may have an orbital time period of 46 years and 1 day. I believe that the Object may have been seen and reported on the evening of May 24, 1926. I may have seen the Object on evening of May 25, 1972. The time between these two dates is 46 years and 1 day. Going forward in time another 46 years and 1 day from when I think I saw the Object the date is May 26, 2018. Along with the first two dates the May 26, 2018 date falls on a day that is also three nights before the full Moon. It could turn out that the astronomical Object I describe in the Return Viewer's Guide may return home from the depths of space the evening of May 26, 2018. The Return Viewer's Guide is included in this book and is free on my website.

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1537790137 / 9781537790138
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