Big Planet (in Russian)

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About the author:
Jack (John Holbrook) Vance (August 28, 1916, San Francisco — May 26, 2013, Oakland) was a famous American mystery, fantasy and science fiction author. Most of his work has been published under the name Jack Vance. Vance's stories written in the 1940s and 1950s cover many science fiction themes, with a tendency to emphasis on mysterious and biological themes (ESP, genetics, brain parasites, body switching, other dimensions, cultures) rather than technical ones. By the 1960s, Vance had developed a futuristic setting which he came to call the "Gaean Reach". Thereafter, all his science fiction was, more or less explicitly, set therein. The Gaean Reach is loose and ever expanding. Each planet has its own history, state of development and culture. Within the Reach conditions tend to be peaceable and commerce tends to dominate. At the edges of the Reach, out in the lawless "Beyond", conditions are sometimes, but not always, less secure.

Alexander Feht (born in 1961 near the Siberian city of Novosibirsk), a Russian American poet, translator, and music composer, spent more than 15 years preparing and polishing his Russian translations of Jack Vance’s masterpieces. He personally discussed with Jack Vance some daunting difficulties involved in translation of Vance’s rhythmical and complex prose, whose mesmerizing character and timeless nobility are often lost in poor translations.

Big Planet (in Russian)

Authored by Jack Vance
Translated by Alexander Feht

Big Planet (in Russian)
Big Planet is a far-away world where any metal is rare. Its surface area is 20 times that of Earth. It is populated by the descendants of outlaws and dissidents who formed many tribes and societies, each with its own strange customs. On the Big Planet, beauty and evil dwell in uneasy proximity. Charley Lysidder, the usurper of a powerful title of Bajarnum of Bojolais, seeks to rule the whole vast planet, while Claude Glystra leads a commission from Earth to investigate Lysidder's profitable and illegal space trade in weapons and slaves. Orbital sabotage results in the crash of Glystra's spaceship amidst the dangerous land, 40 thousand miles from the safe Earth Enclave. How could he succeed now? How could he even survive?

Thousands of years later, on the same Big Planet, Apollon Zamp, owner and captain of a showboat wondering from one port to another along the river Vissel and its tributaries, hopes to become a winner of the competition among showboat entertainers, and to gain a promised prize — an unheared of treasure of metal — despite the many dangers of a long voyage upriver to the unknown northern lands, and despite the machinations of his relentless rival, captain and theatrical producer Garth Ashgale. Appearance onboard of the mysterious aristocratic beauty distracts Zamp and seriously complicates his task.

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1539356795 / 9781539356790
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