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Grimm's American Macabre

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About the author:
Monette Bebow-Reinhard uses the pen name of Lizbeth Grimm. This is her fifth published work of fiction, and first short story collection.
Ever since learning she was a Grimm, back when she was five, she's wanted to put out a collection like this.
Learning that the Grimms Brothers didn't write their own but collected and wrote down the oral tales, she decided she, too, had to include some other voices here.
Each of her children contributed-CarrieLynn, Adam, and Bennett are also Grimms, after all-and all are talented writers. When living, contributor Nancy Byng was involved with the theater group in Abrams, Wisconsin and adapted her story into a play. One author is MIA, but Bebow-Reinhard hopes she will be in touch when the book is out. The Falks of Abrams agreed to have their names included as the ones who inspired a story based on a real nature legend of the backwoods. One is a ghost story she'd heard as a kid, and another she found without a name attached. All have been further edited.
Bebow-Reinhard earned a master's in history; she also writes movie scripts, nonfiction and has edited for others. She currently lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin.
Her other novels, all historical, are Felling of the Sons, Mystic Fire, Adventures in Death & Romance: Vrykolakas Tales, and Dancing with Cannibals

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Grimm's American Macabre

Authored by Lizbeth Grimm

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were the famous Grimms Brothers who penned fairy tale collections. Their books outsold everything but the Bible. There have been multiple movie adaptations and a TV series.
While Lizbeth Grimm cannot claim direct descent from these famous brothers (only one of whom married and had children), her father grew up in Grimms, Wisconsin, a limestone-laden area, in the house on the cover. The house was built by a limestone/cement company around 1883. Grimms was a company town, named for the several immigrants from Germany who settled there. One was Lizbeth's great-grandfather, Jacob Grimm.
Lizbeth found out she was a Grimm as a child, and began to envision having her own fairy tale collection someday. She has been gathering these stories for a long time.
The limestone business was booming in Grimms, Wisconsin in the 1930s, when Lizbeth's grandmother, who raised nine children there, became a widow. The town even had a Speed Queen Washing Machine Company- lime quarrying was dirty business. Grimms today is an unincorporated village within the township of Cato, its ghostly presence known by a road marker and a few still-standing residences. This house, however, did not fall naturally. It had to be torn down for fear of injury to the youth having parties there. Evidence of one of those parties can be seen on the cover with close inspection.
Lizbeth often visited with her extended family in the aging house that had no indoor plumbing but boasted a big cast iron stove that crackled and hissed, always hot and ready to cook. Her job was helping to gather firewood and an occasional cow chip from the herd up on the hill.
In later years, after her grandmother moved away, Lizbeth felt the house was haunted, or, at least, had stories to tell.
The twenty-four stories are linked by the recognition that there is a world outside our five senses. They are stories that will make you laugh, cry, think ... and maybe understand the human journey a little better. They are stories taken from the gut of the soul, modern fairy tales for the young at heart of all ages who still hunger to explore life, technology, nature, and all that's still spiritual in the world around us.
Journey with the misinformed mom, the thief who learns respect, the woman so involved in her own illusions that she cannot recognize what's real, and a young girl's wrongful intrusion into the world of magic. Open your mind to the girl who transforms for love, the sister who sacrifices for her brother, an otherworldly father trying to do the best for his family, and the no-longer-living girl who hasn't figured out she's dead. Even the animals have something to offer, like the bear that transforms, the cat leading a revolution, and the giraffe on a quest to save two deserving humans.
There's something for everyone within these pages, even a couple of historical tales with messages for the future.
Of course, nature wins in this collection-as it should.

Come in ... these tales are waiting for you.

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0998071730 / 9780998071732
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