She Dated the Asshats, but Married the Good Guy

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About the author:
Shannon Colleary is a 12-Step recovery coach who specializes in helping women recover from emotionally abusive relationships and codependency. She's been published in The Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post, Your Tango, Thought Catalog and has appeared on The Today Show, Huffington Post Live, Fox News and Raising America.

She Dated the Asshats, but Married the Good Guy

"How to Go from Toxic Love to Real Love in 12 Exercises"

Authored by Shannon Bradley-Colleary
Edition: 1

"She Dated the Asshats, but Married the Good Guy: How to Go From Toxic Love to Real Love in 12 Exercises" is a recovery book for women who attract or are in toxic, circle-the-drain relationships with Asshats (aka Narcissists).

Women who attract and stay in toxic relationships tend to have two flaws that make it extremely difficult for them to leave.

1. An Overabundance of Empathy
2. Misplaced Responsibility

This is especially true of women who grew up in homes with divorce, drug and alcohol addiction or immature, needy parents.

Using Goal-Setting, Visualization, Inner Child work, 12-Step Recovery and her personal and client stories, Colleary's book offers these Learning Outcomes:

Before: I'm attracted to people who use and disrespect me.

After: I follow a "dating plan" that helps me navigate dating and falling love with emotionally healthy partners.

Before: I'm confused about what a healthy love relationship looks like.

After: I instantly recognize toxic behavior and have a clear vision of the partner I want.

Before: I'm afraid of being alone, which keeps me in the toxic relationship.

After: I've identified my core values and live by them, despite my fears.

Before: I keep trying to change or control my romantic partner, but nothing works.

After: I recognize when I'm trying to change or control my romantic partner and stop. I accept that I can only change myself, and recognize behaving otherwise damages my self-esteem.

Before: I abandon myself to please my romantic partner.

After: I recognize when I'm self-abandoning and set healthy boundaries.

Before: I feel isolated by and ashamed of my toxic relationship. It keeps me away from the people who really love me.

After: I've built a Mental Health Village that supports my emotional recovery and won't shame me.

Before: I don't believe in a Higher Power or I once did, but feel like that Higher Power has let me down.

After: I've developed a powerful, spiritual connection with the "Higher Power Of My Own Understanding." S/he does for me what I can't do for myself.

Before: I'm afraid to look at my childhood, or think it hasn't negatively impacted the choices I've made today.

After: I've come out of denial and accept my past. I understand how it affects me today. I'm healing the damage done.

Before: I feel like my romantic partner is just using me for sex, money or emotional support and that the relationship isn't reciprocal.

After: I no longer give and do for my romantic partner unless it's "For Fun and For Free." (Which means I won't be disappointed if it's not reciprocated.)

Before: My romantic relationship is the sole focus of my life.

After: I've cultivated other wonderful relationships and activities and have a fuller life than before.

Before: I obsess on and worry about whether my romantic partner is cheating on me.

After: I use practical tools to detach from him to maintain my serenity and/or gain the strength to leave.

Before: I feel depressed and hopeless.

After: I have a plan and a path to recovery and know that if I work it, it will work.

Colleary is uniquely qualified to help because she's walked the walk.

She spent 10 years in two toxic relationships with emotionally abusive men.

These relationships included stalking, begging, crying, gnashing of teeth, flailing, threatening, seducing ... and that was just Colleary!

By diligently working 12-Step Recovery she learned to stop pointing the finger at her romantic partners and start taking responsibility for her own life by discovering why she kept choosing unwisely.

This helped her heal and transform her relationship paradigm. Now Colleary's been married 16 years to a "honeyman" who loves her exactly as she is.

This book is a collection of all the exercises and tasks Colleary created and completed to find authentic, enduring love, and which have helped a multitude of her private clients do the same.

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