The Audacity of Despotism: Mainstream Media's Attempt to Swing The 2016 Election

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Paige Donner has written for the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Variety, Huffington Post, Fodor's Guidebooks and USA Today, among others. She is an Alaska-born, California/Hawaii-raised journalist. Since moving back to Paris in 2010, she has specialized in being a media entrepreneur as well as photo, travel and lifestyle journalism. Prior to that, she lived in Los Angeles where she was a journalist, screenwriter and filmmaker.

The Audacity of Despotism: Mainstream Media's Attempt to Swing The 2016 Election

How The U.S. Liberal Mainstream Media Tried to Swing The 2016 Presidential Election And Failed

Authored by Paige Donner
Edition: 1

It's time we take back our hijacked mainstream media, America.

As Americans we have a right to be outraged by how the U.S. liberal mainstream media attempted to hack our 2016 presidential election.

"We let others hijack our principles, kidnap our values, and hostage our free speech. We permitted a slender few to tell us who we were to be, rather than honor who we are. We let them guilt us into a nightmare from which we have been freed. " - Reader Comment on U.S. Liberal Media

As an American citizen who veers more towards the side of conservative thinking, I have an inalienable right to feel disgusted by the liberal media's unwavering torpedoing of one political party's candidate, namely the Republican candidate. Doing so was, and is, an attack not just on freedom of speech and the 4th Estate's original nonpartisan watchdog role, but also on freedom of thought and on a free citizenry's fundamental, constitutional First Amendment rights.

For tyranny to prevail, a government requires the co-operation of its handmaidens of mass media. A co-opted 4th Estate paves the way for despotism to flourish. Many of us Americans have felt for years that we were being manipulated and force-fed horse manure through our liberal mainstream media channels, most of which are corporate owned.

This point is investigated and illustrated in detail in this book. Thanks largely to the then-candidate, now our President Trump, the 2016 election put this undeniable failing of our mainstream media under a microscope.

The media got it wrong. The media failed to report the facts in a non-partisan manner. And most importantly, the media completely missed - or simply ignored - the pulse of the nation's heartland, the pulse of the American people.

And that isn't the only way in which American citizens have been failed. Living in the politically
correct, mainstream media-induced climate of groupthink that led up to what every liberal media outlet predicted would be the coronation of the Democratic candidate has even more ominous significance:

Americans no longer felt they were free to have and voice their own true opinions.

For an American citizen, home of the free, land of the brave, this is not just blasphemous, it's a sacrilege.

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