God Is With Us.

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God Is With Us.

Secret Knowledge of The Hand of God In Black America's Quest of Freedom

Authored by Heru Bar-Chanan
Edition: 3

"Go Down, Moses"... "Blow Yo' Trumpet, Gabriel"..."Wade In De' Water"... Why is the Israelite theme so prevalent in the sacred folk songs known as the American Negro Spirituals? Could it have anything to do with the Hebrew captives who were brought from Africa to America during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? The Priestly footprints in these sacred folk songs suggest that a core group of Hebrews came from Africa to America, during the era of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and seeded a prophetic new Israelite People. Who, in God's Name, were they? Tap the "Add To Cart" button to place your secure order. Receive your copy within days; and, ponder these questions with me. Read on...

From the 17th-19th centuries, America had a peculiar, unprecedented, brutal system of unpaid labor known as Chattel Slavery. Chattel Slavery was race-based; the diverse captive laborers were primarily of Central and West African descent. A number of those Africans were Hebrews. The slave owners, for the most part, were elite White Men. In cold-blooded legal terms, the Chattel Slave was classified as animal property, subject to being bought, sold, rented-out, and disposed of, at-will. The slave owner exercised absolute authority over the poor Chattel Slave's life, liberty, labor, and offspring. America's captives were callously subjected to physical--and mental--trauma, and gross sexual abuse, as a normal way of life.

In those pale, and frightful, days of The Great Tribulation, most of America's Chattel Slaves immersed themselves in the story of the Hebrew Captivity that is told in The Holy Bible's Book of Exodus. They fervently believed that the Great God of the Hebrews, personified in King Jesus, their mighty folk champion, would someday intervene on their behalf. With the coming of Emancipation in 1865, after 246 years of bitter bondage, they believed that The Lord did Reveal His Arm to free them; and, they celebrated as had no other People in the History of the World. Today it is commonly assumed that Black America's Israelite folk tradition is mere symbolism derived from the similarity between the People's experience of slavery in America and the Bible Story of the Israelite captivity in Egypt. But, with Hebrews from Africa in their midst, and in their bloodlines, did America's inspired captives have a deeper reason? Consider this...

* The great year of the overthrow of Chattel Slavery in America (1865) is Prophesied in The Holy Bible.

* Enslaved African Hebrew Priests knew from Signs in the Scriptures how long our captivity would last.

* The prophesied number of years that our People would be in captivity is encrypted in some of the slave songs called The Negro Spirituals.

I invite you to take a glimpse into the Reality that GOD IS WITH US in our Quest of Freedom. You are guaranteed to be enlightened, inspired, and intrigued, by my revelation of Black America's prophetic past and by my succinct, and crystal clear, Biblical solution to the problem of Black America's need for a transformed present and a triumphant future. This book is a must-read for Survivors of American Chattel Slavery. It is wonderful reading for all who are interested in feeding their heart, soul, and mind. Theologians, Clergy, Seminary Students, and Everyday Lay People, alike, will find this book intriguing, engaging and edifying. Seventeen years in development, five years in production, this dense, but digestible, thought-provoking tome is a teeming treasure trove of timeless Truth that is well worth the price.



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