Islam Saves Jesus

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Islam Saves Jesus

How Muslims Love Christ More than Christians

Authored by Mohamed Ghounem

Christian: Christ Is Our Savior, Have You Been Saved By Jesus?

Muslim: We Love Jesus Ten Times More than Christians, Islam Teaches Unconditional Love For Jesus Christ. Whereas Modern Christianity Obliviously, Selfishly, and Impulsively Teaches Hate Towards the Original Jesus Christ.

The Ten Ways Muslims Love Jesus More Compared to Christians Forsaking Christ are:
1) Islam Teaches Jesus Was Not Murdered, Christians Need Jesus to have been Killed Like a Guilty Criminal Needing Someone Innocent to Take Their Crime. Muslims Love Jesus so we Accept Our Own Sins and Don't Teach Murdering Someone Innocent For Our Own Guiltiness.

2) Suicide is a Sin In Every Religion, Islam Teaches that Jesus Did Not Allow himself to be Killed On the Cross. It is Hateful to Say Jesus Sinned by Killing himself On the Cross. Islam Loves Jesus By Teaching he was Not Suicidal.

3) Islam Lovingly Saves Jesus From Satanism. Christians Naively Spread the Deceptive Teachings of the Devil by Saying Jesus Was God and God Died and We No Longer Have to Obey the Laws of God because of God's Death.

4) A Fourth Way Muslims Love Jesus More than Christians Is Respecting the Original Teachings of Jesus, Being Compliant to the Laws of God as Jesus Was. Thus Muslims are More Christ Like, Displaying More Love to Jesus Than Christians.

5) Islam Loves Jesus More than Christianity Because Jesus Is a Proven Messiah in the Holy Quran Whereas Jesus is a false, convicted, and murdered man in the Bible.

6) To Insult Jesus as a flesh god from the perspective of Monotheists is the same as sentencing Jesus to Death. This is What Led Jews to put Jesus on the Cross. Islam Loves Jesus More than Christians By Stating Jesus was not a flesh god, thus Saving Jesus from Murder.

7) Muslims Love Jesus More than Christians Because We Do Not Claim Jesus is a Liar.

8) Islam Saves Jesus from White Supremacists. Muslims Love Jesus More Than Christians Because We Don't Use Christ As a Symbol of Hate.

From the Crusaders to the Nazis to the Modern KKK, Christ is the Central Figure Used to Hate or Kill Everyone who Doesn't Appear Like Christ.

9) Many Christians Who Were Raised Learning About the Modern Jesus instead of the Original Jesus and Taught to Have Revulsion Towards Islam, Become Atheists. The Reason For Their Atheism is threefold:

A) With the Advent of the Internet, Christians Got an Onslaught By Skeptics and Are Presented With the Numerous Translation Errors.
B) Without Obeying the Laws of God, Christians Are In Essence Taking Steps Away from Faith in God, thus God Takes Steps Away from Christians.
C) With Christians Being Raised Believing All Other People and Religions Are Inferior, then they Feel No Alternative Other than Atheism.
Islam Saves Jesus from Leading his Believers into Atheism. Islam Breathes Loving Faith Back into the Original Jesus so the Followers of Christ Can Remain Believers of God.

10) Islam Saves Jesus From Pessimism Associated to Christ that Humans Cannot "Try" to Be Righteous. It is Hateful For Christians to Teach that All sins, whether Small or Large, Can Not be Forgiven by Our Loving God without the Blood of God.

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