Art of War

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Art of War

Authored by Sun Tzu
Foreword by William H. Bradshaw

Art of War
Master Sun's Rules of Warfare
Written by Sun Tzu
Translated by Lionel Giles

Foreword by William H. Bradshaw
The Art of War is a superlative literary work with advanced knowledge and wisdom that can be applied to many modern day relationships in business, personal life or even in actual warfare. You will notice that this writing seems to contain wisdom, experience and intellect far beyond even the most prestigious of warlords. There is a very good reason for this. This particular warlord was a giant whose cranial capacity was about double the average man.

It is my educated opinion that Sun Tzu was in fact, the Sun God of China from around 544 BC to 496 BC. He was, I believe, a tetraploid human who eventually became a warlord in ancient China. The book Secrets of the Pink Kush explains what a tetraploid human is, and even how these giant tetraploid humans came into existence. They have double sets of chromosomes versus only two and thus grow into giants of about double the size of a normal diploid human being.

I believe that this Sun God wrote this book as well as other literary works that I feel can be attributed to tetraploid humans including Prose Edda, Poetic Edda, parts of the Bible (especially Genesis and Leviticus), The Code of Hammurabi, some Mayan texts, some Incan texts, some Aztec texts, some ancient Egyptian texts, The Emerald Texts by Thoth and some yet to be translated astrological texts. They have left many megalithic structures, artifacts and documents over the centuries with many more yet to be discovered.

The tetraploid humans eventually left the surface of the Earth to reside within the Hollow Earth with the exception of some mountain dwelling nature gods/tetraploid humans. These tetraploid humans are mistaken as Big Foot, extraterrestrials, aliens, gods and goddesses.

They are real but remain in hiding and actually control a small group of diploid humans who are then in control of the population of diploid humans. These people were known as the chosen people as the tetraploid ruler chose them to administer civilization upon the Earth.
They were the ones that created civilization, not us. Read Secrets of the Pink Kush for a complete explanation that actually employs the scientific method throughout to prove that tetraploid humans (giants) did and still exist. One of the biggest secrets of our history is that gods were real and this book proves it.

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