The Takeover

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About the author:
Born in Brooklyn, New York, O. Warfield recently retired from Virginia State Government after years of dedicated service to Virginia and to New York's private sector. Her dedication to community service has never faltered. O. continues to coordinate and participate in fundraisers contributing to human and animal well-being.

"The Takeover" is the third volume of the Doberman Omar Blue Saga.

O. Warfield enjoys reading to audiences, such as children and veterans in hospitals and libraries, the elderly, groups with special needs and wherever there is a need for a diversion, such as the fantasy world her listeners find themselves entering.

See what the book's first reader and editor had to say about The Takeover:

"I absolutely love what you've done! Not only is it entertaining, the characters and their behaviors are so appropriate in today's world. I love the nobility of Omar Blue, of course. But, I was fascinated by the whole thing about choosing a positive lifestyle or a negative one. That plays out with Omar and timber wolf Shocka Din, but also with Shocka and Bennie--both of whom come from "broken homes." Bennie renounces his solitary, fighting life and joins the K-9 Town community--a commentary on the importance of belonging. Shocka Din, on the other hand, thinks he can succeed by bullying and brute force.

The K-9 Town females are wonderful role models in that they are loving, tender, and kind--all traditional feminine traits--but, they can also be tough, ruthless females capable of fighting their own battles."
Ann Atkins

Writing and animals are O.Warfield's first loves. But, helping others before and through crisis situations is just as important to her.

O. Warfield and her daughter Joy Thondique recently launched BiggSiss, a web-based safe haven to confide general information, daily activities and especially, unpleasant encounters.

BiggSiss is an information repository for law enforcement, when a person becomes a victim of violence and is unable or unavailable to speak for themselves.

A source is needed to provide who, what and where to law enforcement in times of crisis. BiggSiss meets this need.

For more information about BiggSiss, visit

O. Warfield and Joy Thondique are very proud of their innovative initiative, BiggSiss. They know working with other organizations having the same goals, will bring about safer communities and a better way of life for those who suffer abuses of any kind.

The Takeover

Omar Blue Saga - Book 3

Authored by Ms. O. Warfield
Illustrated by Mr. Troy Downs
Edition: 1

Hearing that his despised enemy, The Ghost, is now a member of Doberman Omar Blue's pack, Timber Wolf Shocka Din, self-proclaimed King of Canines, and his vicious followers head for peace loving K-9 Town, planning to wreak havoc and take over.

What could be easier? Shocka Din is leader of the most ferocious bunch of timber wolves he's ever had the satisfaction of controlling.

But as they enter the land where nothing is as it seems, several incidents occur that put them on guard, even before arriving at the biggest surprise of all.

Omar Blue smiled as he looked around at members of his pack. They had gathered after hearing that they were about to be intruded upon. Omar knew the most important steps to take. The first step was to make sure his pack remained calm.

"I don't see anything to be alarmed about! If the timber wolf Shocka Din thinks he can take over K-9 Town, let him try! We don't have a problem with that," he chuckled, knowing his pack would follow his example.

"Not at all! Not at all!" came the cheerful responses.

Omar then became serious. His voice was calm, yet commanding.

Omar had proven himself a worthy leader at every opportunity. To his followers, there could be no other leader. They knew Shocka Din had no idea what he was in for and they knew their brave, sometimes mysterious, leader was about to lead them into a new adventure.

"My concern is that Shocka Din and his followers are brutal killers. As long as they are in the area, we must keep our loved ones and friends safe. We'll decide later how long we'll let them stay.

Keep extra eyes on the puppies! They've been listening to all of this and no doubt will be making plans to find Shocka Din, pull him away from his followers, and bite him up," warned Omar. They all laughed, but they would watch the puppies more closely than usual, if that was possible. The females would gladly take on that task.

"Alert the tree monsters. They know everything that happens in and outside of K-9 Town. They may be mean and ornery, but they don't like anything upsetting the balance we have here," instructed Omar.

Let's bring Sookie, Mookie, and the other potbelly pigs into K-9 Town," he added. "They're no match for the meanness that's coming our way.

Keep them away from the tree monsters. You know how they can't resist fighting each other." Everyone laughed again as they remembered when the tree monsters kidnapped Potbellied Pig Leo.

When Omar and some of the others went to rescue Leo, the tree monsters were glad to get rid of him. They hadn't gotten any rest since the kidnapping. Leo wouldn't stop fighting and he wouldn't go home.....

What you have just read is a small sample of the canine adventure that awaits you.

Journey into the lives, lifestyles and loves of a fearless group that like nothing better than defending the town they've built through friendship, trust and respect for each other.

K-9 Town.

There's no place like it!

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1545329060 / 9781545329061
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US Trade Paper
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5.5" x 8.5"
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