Jubal and the Great Flood

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Jubal and the Great Flood

Authored by Ron Ebner
Edition: First

Suppose Noah couldn't build an ark
to save his life? Thank God for Jubal!

A massive flood is about to innundate the Earth! Can Noah build a great ship to save his family? And if he can't is there someone who can before it's too late...?

....Jubal was going over his notes when he heard the ever-present Zillah growling at his feet. Not looking at the dog he asked, "You getting hungry, girl? Have I forgotten about lunch again?"

He glanced down at the dog to see her staring toward the after end of the ship. Jubal followed her gaze and was amazed to see half a dozen huge men shoving their way through the crowd to gain the front ranks. Each of them was so big, in fact, that they could honestly be called giants. Almost two cubits over even Shem they were almost three cubits taller than Jubal. He watched them approach nearer.

They were bellicose and mean with the hell-be-damned look of corsairs or, perhaps, descendants of Satan himself. The scribe could hear them from his position way up amidships.

"Out of the way, runt," one of them ordered as he shoved a man aside.

"Make way for a real man," said another.

"Hey, watch out!"

"Yo' mama!"

"Oh, oh," Jubal muttered nervously as he saw Shem and Ham headed over to see what the commotion was all about. But that was not all that he was worried about. At the same moment old Retardo walked up to one of the bearded giants and held out the water bag for the man to drink....

....As the last of the beasts were loaded, a strange roaring could be heard in the distance and the heavens seemed to light up. Intense thunder crashed across the heavens and jagged bolts of lightning cleaved the sky. Out of the northwest a massive, burning object appeared and streaked across the heavens. It was almost too bright to look upon. It disappeared beyond the southeastern horizon.

Jubal and Noah glanced at each other.

"It's time," said the patriarch.

When all were aboard, according to God's instructions, Noah ordered the huge ramp that doubled as the watertight door raised into place and sealed.

Now none on board could see what was happening beyond the heavy walls and no one could enter or leave....

....They could hear small objects pelting the roof and then the sound of rain heavily pounded above them and echoed throughout the vast interior. Jubal and the others could feel the earth beneath suddenly heave, rippling and buckling like a great carpet lifted and shaken at one end.

Finally a tremendous roaring could be heard coming toward them from the southeast.

"This is it," Jubal warned but none of them knew what he meant.

The Ark was struck broadside by a great wave that towered over them. Ship and contents heaved over and all fought to hold onto the table to keep themselves from being thrown about. The men and women knew then that the great ship was being innundated by a wave so massive it was beyond them to even imagine....

Mark Twainish humor abounds in this offbeat, coffee-table book that gives the inside information to explain how Noah got involved with the Ark, why he was incapable of building the ship himself and who was assigned the task of showing the great patriarch the way to do it.

So come aboard and go for a cruise on the high seas 4500 years ago!

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1544078056 / 9781544078052
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US Trade Paper
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6" x 9"
Black and White
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