ELVIS & KATHY - Together at the Houston Summit '76

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ELVIS & KATHY - Together at the Houston Summit '76

The Human Spirit Triumphs Over Sickness

Authored by Darrin Lee Memmer
Edition: 1

'ELVIS & Kathy – Together at the Houston Summit '76' (dedicated to Kathy Westmoreland) is an A5 format soft cover numbering 188 pages.

"I believe in God. I believe in Him with all my heart. I believe all good things come from God. The way I feel, being religious means that you are grateful for all He has given, and want to work for Him. I owe everything that's happened to me to Him. God is all ways there to pick you up if you should fail. A heart and song upon your lips for God loves you. But He loves you best when you sing." - Elvis A. Presley

It's really sad Elvis' own loyal fans blindly accept the officially-sanctioned storyline that he was "loaded" onstage before 17,500 Texans in the summer of '76. Another anecdote purports Elvis accidentally took too many sleeping pills prior to walking on stage for his 2:30 Houston Summit matinee and thus performed whilst groggy and half asleep. This biography proves nothing could be further from the truth!

Kathy Discusses Lisa Marie Presley and ELVIS

Darrin Lee [abbrev. DL]: "How much would it hurt or disappoint Elvis if Lisa Marie believed the accusations in the bodyguard book and elsewhere?" Kathy Westmoreland: "I don't believe Elvis would survive. He couldn't live. I think it would just kill him. From my heart, I'm telling you it would crush him more than anything anyone could possibly imagine."

DL: "There couldn't be anything worse happen to him than for his daughter to believe the drug accusations?" Kathy Westmoreland: "No. There could be nothing worse happen to him. I can't think of anything. There's nothing else that would hurt him more and Lisa was the only thing he worried about."

DL: "Did he pretty much say, 'What's my girl gonna think?' " Kathy Westmoreland: "Yeah. 'What's Lisa gonna think? What's gonna happen to her? What's she gonna believe?' That was his big concern. He was just beside himself on realizing that she would be subjected to trying to figure all this out."

DL: "In all the years that you knew Elvis, Kathy, was this the most hurt - the biggest heartbreak - that you observed?" Kathy Westmoreland: "It's the biggest one. It's the one."

DL: "Do you recall Elvis asking, 'What if the public turns against me because of the bodyguard book?' " Kathy Westmoreland: "I think he did say something to that effect, but he knew that he couldn't please everybody and he would be the first to tell you that. He cared about Lisa. Knowing that she would believe it and be affected by it for the rest of her life – Elvis couldn't have handled it. He'd have an instant heart attack."

- From Kathy and Darrin's photo chat -

DL: "The picture of him flipping the middle finger is from Houston. A heckler screamed out: 'Elvis, you're really fat!' And the photographer, Mr. Manny Chavez, heard the heckle and started snapping. Elvis flipped the heckler off." Kathy Westmoreland: "Good."

DL: "Because you're liable to think, 'Darrin, what are you doing putting [out] a picture of Elvis with the middle finger?' " Kathy Westmoreland: "Okay. That's what the photo is about."

DL: "He is saying, 'F' you to some jerk." Kathy Westmoreland: "Good. I love it. He needed to do that more often."

DL: "For all the people in the media and elsewhere that have called Elvis 'fat', now you know what he thinks of you." Kathy Westmoreland (laughs): "That's perfect!"

DL: "Because since 1977, he has not been able to respond to these people who have ripped Elvis for his weight." Kathy Westmoreland: "Uh-huh."

DL: "He's never responded, Kathy." Kathy Westmoreland: "Huh-uh. 'Now, here is what he thinks of you.' It's perfect."

DL: "That's what the middle finger salute photo is about." Kathy Westmoreland: "Good. If I could have done it myself, I would have. I don't remember hearing it (the heckle) in Houston."

This project is published IN HONOR of Keith and Marsha Alverson – loyal fans of Elvis Aaron Presley.

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