Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

Authored by Steven Youell
Authored with Andru Luvisi

A new printing of Steven Youell's lecture notes, originally from 2004.

* The Card Trick That Has No Explanation
Every possible explanation is eliminated during performance. A card is selected very fairly and the spectator shuffles the deck. You ask exactly three questions and each answer is spelled out. Regardless of the answers (even lies!), the spelling has found the card!

* The Ultimate Weapon
Shows a photographic memory for playing cards. Two decks are shuffled. Two spectators each select a card from one deck. You memorize the other deck. When the cards are shown, you say exactly where they are in the deck you memorized. The deck is shuffled again and a card is removed. You study the cards and announce which card is missing.

* The Image Fades
A spectator selects and replaces a card. You place an indifferent card face down on her palm, asking her to place her thumb on it. You then suggest that the card looks like her selection. When the card is turned over, the spectator is shocked to see that it is indeed the selection! Or is it? When you show it again, the image of the spectator's card has faded and all that is left is the indifferent card.

* The Infamous Non-Working Self-Working Card Trick
A hilarious effect which never works! (Well, almost never!) You share a bit of history with fellow magicians and demonstrate a trick that has failure built in! Packed with inside humor and a utility move with innumerable applications.

* Dead Solid Perfect
A spectator mentally selects a card from a random group which is spread throughout the deck. You shuffle the deck and say you will "set" the mentally chosen card on the next shuffle. During the shuffle, the spectator names her card. The spectator spells out the her card and it falls on the last letter.

* Gaffus Maximus
You take a single card from a blue deck in use. You pull out a red-backed deck, place the blue-backed card on top, and cut and shuffle the deck thoroughly. Flipping through the cards, you ask the spectator to think of any card she sees and then ribbon spread the deck face-up on the table. "What card are you thinking of?" When the spectator answers, the thought of card is slid out and shown to be the blue-backed card!

* The Perfect Choice
The deck is shuffled and cut. The spectator deals cards face-down until he wants to stop. You instantly know the selections's identity. No memory work, gaffs, stooges, or difficult sleights. The selection and replacement happens in the spectator's hands. This has fooled some of the world's top performers-including Paul Chosse, Mike Skinner, and Larry Jennings.

* Blinded By The Sleight
You demonstrate the detection of lying by the sound of someone's voice. Have a deck shuffled while someone blindfolds you. A card is selected and the deck (with the card in it) is shuffled by the spectator. They take out five cards, including the selection. You hold up each card and the spectator says each time "That's not my card!" You know when they lie!

* The Hacker Stack
A new idea in memorized stack work. Powerful advantages over almost any other stacked deck! To take full advantage of it's power you will need to purchase a separate book.

* The Adequate Cardshark
You deal out four poker hands and get a Royal Flush. You then deal out four perfect bridge hands. Almost self-working!

* Harry The Hacker
Phenomenal memory display without mnemonics. A deck is shuffled, three cards are selected and retained, then you spread the deck face-up and instantly name the selections!

* Hybrid Sleights
Six peeks, two of them original. The Cardini Multiple Shift, one of the best multiple shifts you'll ever see!

* ProActive Control
A Systematic way to eliminate fear and worrying about "outs." Allows you to successfully conclude almost any effect no matter what happens!

* Paul Chosse's Triple Header
One of the best card revelations you'll ever see performed! It took Steven months to get Paul to release this!

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