Weapons of Mass Deception

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Weapons of Mass Deception

Authored by Steven Youell
Authored with Andru Luvisi

A new printing of Steven Youell's lecture notes, originally from 2009.

These notes focus on two themes: Leveraging things you already know so you can create and increase your repertoire AND supplying you with Jaw Dropping effects that aren't hard to do.

They have something for every skill level, from beginner to expert. There's even a nearly self-working platform effect that will lay waste to any audience, laymen OR magicians.

* Russian Roulette
A deck is shuffled, cut and given to a spectator who is asked to deal single cards face down until he feels like stopping. He looks at the card on which he stops and replaces it in the deck, reassembling and shuffling the deck. The deck is handed to you. You fan the cards towards yourself and upjog six cards so the entire audience can see the backs of them. Five different spectators each eliminate one of the cards. There is one upjogged card left. It is the selection. This requires almost no sleight of hand and can be done as a platform or close-up trick!

* TrapJacks
If you've been practicing the Riffle Pass for years with no particular purpose in mind, this is the routine for you. It does not require your pass to go totally unnoticed. In fact, it's the perfect way to get over the fear of ANY pass.

Steven hesitated to publish this because at first reading it will seem like just another "Sandwich Trick," but it's not. He's used this particular item in different forms for over 15 years and it has a spectacular finish. In fact, he's done this at The Magic Castle for over 10 years!

* My Name Is Nobody
An Ace cutting effect that has a presentation AND a finish! Most Ace cutting effects lack a compelling presentation, but you'll be relieved to know that you now have one. This can be adapted to most other Ace cutting effects so even if you've been practicing one for years waiting for a REAL presentation, you'll be happy to know that you haven't wasted your time!

* Reading The Tells and NumerAlphatology
Two effects that demonstrate the idea of leverage. They only require one sleight, look impossible and can be adapted to your performing style and audience because you can play them in different ways. Not only that, they can be done as platform tricks OR close up. With ONE sleight you get TWO effects that look totally different from the perspective of the audience.

Although the actual effect has been around (and largely ignored) for around 50 years, the presentations transform it into two effects you'll USE for 50 years.

* +1
The spectator cuts the deck freely into four piles. The top cards are taken from each pile and shown to be random. You explain that only in the movies and dime novels do card cheats deal themselves a pat hand. You then state that real cheats make sure they only beat the sucker by a small amount and thus avoid suspicion. You then demonstrate what you mean by cutting to the card one value higher than each of the four random cards. This effect comes with an alternative method which is guaranteed to fry both laymen AND magicians!

* The Key Card
The most versatile key card in existence. OK, maybe there's some out there Steven doesn't know about! It never fails, it's easy to hide and it can be found instantly with a tabled riffle shuffle, your thumb or your pinky. In other words you don't have to go through any gyrations to find it. You can gain control over it instantly using just the natural way you handle cards. Additionally, it's ambidextrous!

* Elegant Solutions
An essay that describes one of Steven's approaches to magic. It teaches you not only how he thinks about presentations, but also about leveraging things you already know into phenomenal magic. It will not only save you hours and hours of time, but will jump start your creative juices! The people who have already read this have all told Steven that it is very thought provoking and it has changed the way some of them think about magic!

BONUS: Ron Bauer's technique for The Convincing Control

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