The Muse (June 2017)

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The Muse (June 2017)

Authored by Dr. Deepak Chaswal (Editor)
Edited by Dr. Pradeep Chaswal

The Muse (Volume 5; No. 1) contains works of 90 poets from 26 countries.

Editorial note

Poetry Page no.

Ada Aharoni Not in Your War Anymore
Adolf Shvedchikov My Redemption is Reliable 2
Aine Collins Walking Masterpieces 3
Aine McAllister A Tree on El Camino del Norte 4
Alicia Valasse Intimacy with Death 5
Amir Sarem Silence 6
Ana Paula Arendt Endless 7
Andrew Scott Searching 8
Andy Botterill Now Departed 9-10
Bailey Ward Trees 11-12
Bill D. Johnston Best Friend 13
Boris Kokotov You shall not 14-15
Bruce McRae Looking Up 16
Byron Beynon Girl Reading 17
Cade Williams Sunday Night Blues 18
Carl Boon A Turkish Village at Night 19-20
Catherine Moscatt Winter of My Heart 21
Chung Chin-Yi Bus stop 22
Claire T. Feild Deception 23
Colin Honnor The Voice 24
Dalal SARNOU This Besieged Heart 25
Daniel James Sundahl From the Book of Images: I 26
Daniel Williams Gingerbread Man 27
David Appelbaum The Oak Gall 28
David Garrett Izzo Meditation on the Moon 29-30
David Grother II You Are the Morning 31
Dianalee Velie Harvest 32-33
DJ Tyrer A Mother's Pain 34
Dorian Dyler At School They Don't Know 35
Doug Bolling How Time 36
Eduard Schmidt-Zorner Bergen Belsen 37
Eliza Segiet The Mark of Love 38
Fred Chandler Without Time 39
G David Schwartz I Inhale A Memory 40
George K. Karos Circular Definition 41
Germain Droogenbroodt Eagle 42
Gillian Renee Colón Iktsuarpok 43
Gregg Dotoli Free-fall Love 44
Holly Day The Sound of Speed 45
Howard Winn What the Trees Say 46
Irene Kaesermann Silence and Sound 47
James Mc Elroy You 48-49
Jane Beal Uplifted 50
John Vieira This Morning and Night 51
Joseph Dorazio A Mind of Winter 52
Kate Marshall Flaherty Northern Sky 53
Katharyn Howd Machan End-of-Day 54
Kelly Cherry The Right to Choose 55
Kelven Ka-shing LIT I miss the old old lantern 56-57
Ken Allan Dronsfield Separated by a Whisper 58
L Anne Molin Mayfly 59-60
Lara Ayvazyan Music Without Fuss 61
Laura J. Minning i n t r o s p e c t i o n 62-63
Laurie Kolp The Figure Eight 64
Laurinda Lind Sixty Summers 65
Linda M. Crate fogs & mists 66
Linda M. Fischer Soft 67
Marian Dragomir Love 68
Marianne Lyon Sleepless 69-70
Marianne Szlyk Saturday Night on the Island 71
Marieta Maglas The Seasons of the Sun 72-73
Mario Solís The Future is Today 74
Marion Palm Mother's Birds 75-76
Mary Bone The Moon 77
Menduh Leka YouMe 78-79
Michael H. Brownstein Ego and Water 80
Michael J. Shepley Unfathomable Shores 81-82
Michael Lee Johnson Mount Pleasant Cemetery 83
Miriam Ballerini Cardboard Stars 84
Misako Takahashi Moth 85-86
Nicole Yurcaba Mailing the Letter 87
Pavol Janik Night Bus 88
Peycho Kanev Winter 89
Robert Allen Goodrich Valderrama A New Story 90
Robert Beveridge Solitary 91
Sabahudin Hadzialic Strange Dream 92
Sam Eisenstein Old Wound 93-94
Sandra Kolankiewicz Mother's Day 95
Sarah Brown Weitzman Apple Tree in November 96
Sergio Ortiz Cartography of Dreams 97-98
Simon Perchik This tattoo once... 99
Stella Vinitchi Radukescu only words 100
Stephanie Muir Gingerbread Man 101
Stephen Miles Lucky 102-103
Stephen Philip Druce The Gardener and the Rose 104
Susandale Home, Always Home 105
Tatjana Debeljacki Mother 106
Teresinka Pereira Earth Day 2017 107
William Doreski Farm Talk 108-110

Research Article / Essay

Li Jian A Review of Pleasure Steamers by Andrew Motion 111-116

Contributors' List 117-134

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