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Did Jesus Have Long Hair?

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About the author:
Ron McRay holds doctorates in Theology, Letters and Philology. After pastoring a church for 35 years he discovered that what he had been taught did not correspond with scripture. His new perspectives brought new understanding to the Bible and he decided that the truth must be spread, even at the cost of losing his pastorate.

He has developed a unique approach that reveals obscure and overlooked scriptures in an easy to understand way and brings light to many misunderstood doctrines and prophecies. In his writings, he often uncovers new information that mysteriously has been hiding in plain sight, but missed by so many Bible scholars. By using scripture to prove scripture, he imparts a straightforward approach to uncovering the truths of the Bible. Many students of scripture have discovered his insights to be an accurate application of scriptural principles on many subjects, especially eschatology (the study of last things).

In 1992, Ron began offering books and teaching materials that open the Bible's true meaning to believers around the world thru his company, None Left Behind Corp. Many books on a wide variety of Bible topics are available. The Bible does not have to be hard to understand. He invites you to join him in finding new gems through this book.

Did Jesus Have Long Hair?

The Biblical Verdict!

Authored by Ron McRay
Edition: 2

A subject that offends some will confuse those who depend on what other people say. With all of the scholars and supposed Bible experts today, why can't we get clear scriptural insight and knowledge about this subject?

* Does the subject of long hair in the Bible apply to us today?
* Was it shameful for a man to have long hair?
* Did a woman have to have her hair covered?
* Was it a disgrace for a woman to have short hair?
* Why did some men have long hair in the Bible?
* Did the Son of Yahweh have long hair?
* Did Jesus contradict the teaching of scripture or tradition?
* What is the definition of long hair?
* Can men have long hair or women have short hair today?

If you have answers to the above questions, then do not read this book! However, if you still struggle with the right understanding about hair and what it symbolizes, then read this book and get it settled once and for all.

How important is your hair length today in the twenty-first century?

"If a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering." [1 Corinthians 11:15]

This is such a simple way to bring respect and honor upon yourself and Yahweh, but it is so often resisted that it results in contention. In every generation of the past century, hair length was an issue that caused rebellion, confusion and unrest. Could it be because it was something that was easily done to show outwardly a love and respect (or hatred and disrespect) for Yahweh, the eternal creator Yahweh?

Dr. Ron McRay takes each verse of 1 Corinthians 11 and dissects it, thus revealing the history, culture and meaning of what Paul was teaching. His discovery and facts show clearly the mindset that prevailed to the first-century believers when it came to honoring Yahweh through the covering of the head. The answers, while absolutely scriptural, will question modern teaching on this issue and the lifelong traditions held by many religions and denominations.

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1974317722 / 9781974317721
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