Beyond Corporate Responsibility

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About the author:
Christopher Caldwell M.E.S., M.Ed. is a speaker, writer and educator in the areas of sustainable community development, social responsibility and ethics.

Christopher Caldwell is a natural story teller, an avid communicator and an ethical voice for nature, hence, humanity, who lives in and campaigns for the 'Experience' we seek in an era of information overload, material gratification & instant glory.  His books and message outline a fresh perspective to the complexities and interconnection of everyday life. 
An uncompromising thought leader, he imagines Sustainability Renaissance by boldly creating possibilities in the path of eco-mindedness. To be authentically 'good' is an indispensable connection to the natural world, evident in Caldwell's ethos.  Caldwell compels one to 'walk the talk' of not only rethinking but developing the better life, thus, urges growth, should never come at the cost of green.  
Observant of the natural world's deterioration at home and through his travels, Mr. Caldwell resolves and encourages one's personal operating environment to undergo a change - the sort that uproots internal beliefs, for an external good.  Although some may call him an impactful idealist, equally exposed in his work is a practical approach to self-examination, with a lens to self-growth.  He reports, seeking to be green is no longer enough; instead, he casts sustainability objectives as part of a strategic framework for responding to changes of all types: social, political, technological, cultural, and economic as well as natural-resource-related. 

Christopher Caldwell has studied urbanism and human development, human behavior and sustainability. He has a Masters in Urban Planning and a Masters in Adult Education. He is a member of Mensa and a graduate of Improvisation. He spends his time between his home city of Toronto and cities and natural spaces around the world. When not traveling, writing, mentoring or speaking, he leads outdoor and wilderness retreats for leadership and personal development.

Beyond Corporate Responsibility

The New Organizational Consciousness - Leadership Edition

Authored by Christopher Caldwell
Edition: 2

Leadership and sustainability are at the forefront of global organizational development, training and education. In particular, is a rise in demand for managers with the skills to increase team learning, produce talent and deliver performance while forwarding a socially responsible mandate. Developing the talent and establishing a culture of sustainability needs a new kind of thinking in leadership now and for tomorrow.

In this second edition, the Leadership edition, Christopher Caldwell introduces material in leadership development and organizational culture to assist managers with understanding and implementing behavioral change to meet the social responsibility mandates.

This book assists managers and leaders with a timely and much needed perspective towards embedding a culture of sustainability consciousness within their social responsibility programs. Whether you are seeking to initiate a new social responsibility program, change or enhance an existing one or lead an organization to success, Beyond Corporate Responsibility: The New Organizational Consciousness makes the perfect companion resource.

Praise for Beyond Corporate Responsibility: The New Organizational Consciousness:

"Beyond Corporate Responsibility: The New Organizational Consciousness" challenges managers to go beyond adopting individual practices such as philanthropy to address social and environmental issues.  Corporate social responsibility (CSR) requires managers to think beyond the boundaries of their organization. As the world becomes more interconnected and social and environmental challenges increase, society and governments will demand businesses show greater leadership for a sustainable future.  Chris Caldwell's book is a must read for managers who seek to employ CSR as a means to transition their business to a solution-oriented organization whereby employees are engaged to work together to not only increase the wellbeing of the organization but also the wellbeing of the social and environmental ecosystem that feeds it."

Dr. Irene Henriques
Professor of Sustainability and Economics
Schulich School of Business, York University

"Chris Caldwell focuses on the essential role of interpersonal relationships within corporate structures to enhance the vitally essential paradigm shifts inherent in the movement towards a sustainable economy and the role that corporations must play."

Dr. Mark Leith
Clinical Teacher, Department of Psychiatry
University of Toronto
Author 'Problem Solving Psychotherapy'

"Caldwell shows that an enterprise embracing higher purpose is not making a sustainability sacrifice; it is gaining a sustainability advantage. Social and ecosystems related purposes become the energy source for the economic purpose of a company. B Corps already understand this. This book helps others see the light before their competitors do."

Bob Willard, Author 'The Sustainability Advantage', Speaker and certified B Corp.

"Managers continuously strive to communicate effectively and influence colleagues to promote their message. Caldwell helps show a way to inspire confidence, win trust and bring a positive message when engaging business and community for social and environmental benefits. Developing your CSR team in ways Caldwell suggests will improve what stakeholders think of your ideas, plans, and improve your entire organization, bringing more respect and credence to you as a leader when you communicate a CSR imperative."

Mark Bowden
Fortune 500 Consultant, Speaker and Author 'Winning Body Language'

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