Slaughterhouse Flies

Slaughterhouse Flies

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Slaughterhouse Flies

Artist/Band: Cud Chewing Cows

'Slaughterhouse Flies' has been in the works for a number of years. (The title is a nod to author Kurt Vonnegut. The similarities stop there.) Though the title is dark, and the artwork less than uplifting, the music is the antitheses; light and airy.

Many styles of music per album, as is typical of Cud Chewing Cows previous albums.

One walks away from this album feeling hopeful and better about life.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

Includes the tracks:

01-Japajazz Open
02-Polynesian Pleasure
03-Indian Trance
04-Leather Trousers and Sour Cream
05-Klez Kool
07-Buzz Open
08-For the Love of Jazz
09-Indian Trance (Extended Version)
10-Baby Baby, Alright (Instrumental) aka Pink Slime
11-Hawaiian Beach
12-Polynesian Pleasure (Instrumental) aka Cow Luau
13-Bolivian Blossoms
14-Leather Trousers and Sour Cream (Extended Version)
15-Baby Baby, Alright
16-Cuban Conundrum
17-Rusty Rastafari
18-Love of Words

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