Twelve Internet Classics

Twelve Internet Classics

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Twelve Internet Classics

Artist/Band: Sean Bw Parker

First post-Istanbul collection of intriguing, quirky art rock from the writer, songwriter and impresario. Featuring collaborations with Ettuspadix and Scorpio Rising, including the acclaimed 'Taksim Meydan' and Skin Match Version'.

UK music critic Ben Marshall reviews 'Taksim Meydan':

"Scorpio Rising are a band that belong to a different era, a time when bands were searching for new pop language, weren't afraid to be political or be called pretentious. That era which began in the immediate aftermath of punk and ended sometime in the late 80's or early 90's and produced everyone from The Banshees, through Orange Juice to The Happy Mondays saw its creative spirit all but obliterated by Simon Cowell and a tediously repetitive post Brit pop consensus. (Those interested in finding out about should read Simon Reynolds excellent book about the period, Rip It Up And Start Again).

Scorpio Rising behave as if none of this had happened, a trick they can perhaps pull off having exiled themselves to Turkey. This single is instantly antagonisitc. The guitars are jagged, angry and discordant, and they parenthesise an angry vocal chant, that has me thinking of Gang of Four and The Fall. I have no idea what vocalist Sean Bw Parker and his comrades are singing about, but that hardly matters as you're caught up in the urgency of the sound.

The song reaches its end in a strange flood of mellifluous flamenco guitar, that is hopelessly, perfectly at odds with what's come before. Scorpio Rising are a weird anomalous reminder of what independent pop might've sounded like had the tyranny of the X Factor and Coldplay not intervened. Vive la revolution."

By Ben Marshall

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