Super Lady

Super Lady

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Super Lady

Artist/Band: Lori Jean

Returning to school to study music, pushed by her son, Lori Jean wrote from the love of family releasing the album on her past mom's birthday and including her hit "Under Your Pillow," originally released by Factory Fast Records. Also included is a new rock release track, "A Little Love From You," bringing in the remembrance of teen love in the 70's going on in the closet in her house, and writing the title from the love of very long marriages till the end of her dad's parents and grandparents-all while healing physically from injuries through her Angels.

01 - I Put on My Gloves
02 - Say You Love Me
03 - Bound Unhelped
04 - Just Like Yesterday
05 - Though I'm One Less
06 - Under Your Pillow
07 - Resurrect My Home
08 - A Little Love from You
09 - You Named Me Best Friend
10 - Super Lady

From Lori Jean's first full sentence for 'Mom' to please play a record, to being in a child sibling band, skipping school for lyrics, and abuse to her head as a toddler and adult, music was bound to her.

'When I write of those not here with us today, I turn to see their angel come to visit me. I became accustomed to this and would smile and look over and always be so sure they would be there. I always look to them now when I write to know I am writing the right thing. 'Lori Jean'

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