Beethoven Sonatas VOL.1 (the CD)

Beethoven Sonatas VOL.1 (the CD)

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Beethoven Sonatas VOL.1 (the CD)

Artist/Band: David Ezra Okonsar

This release is the first number of Beethoven's 32 Piano Sonatas, complete recording by David Ezra Okonsar. The integrale of the Sonatas is being released simultaneously as individual audio (CD) and video (DVD) recordings. The thirty-two sonatas form in the output of the composer a large, continuous path.

Ludwig van Beethoven revolutionized the piano by extending all the background he got from Haydn, Mozart but also from Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Muzio Clementi to such a level that the word "revolution" is not an over-statement. He introduced the "romantic piano ecriture" by large steps, following the evolution of his artistic temperament.

On one side the assessment of virtuosity to the requirements of the musical inspirations and lyricism, a piano which does not mimic some orchestral instruments but gets alive as a full symphonic orchestra. An orchestra where not only each instrument has its own sound-color but also the ensemble has one tremendous power never heard of before, and on the other side, the evolution of classical forms towards new forms of expression elaborated with a "new musical logic" can only incompletely describe this gigantic work.

Regarding the thirty-two Sonatas Wilhelm Kempf said: "Beethoven must be experienced. Experience him and the listeners will also. Beethoven requires pianistic abilities never heard of before or after. The pianist's hands are asked to perform things so unique that years of skillful practice is needed. What is even more strange is that in each of his great sonatas, new abilities are required which are not acquired with the previous training. When the technical background is solid we can then go to conquest the Beethovenian universe. However, as this is an universe it can not be conquered in one day."

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