Tapestry of Love
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Tapestry of Love

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Tapestry of Love

Artist/Band: S. Quanaah

Tapestry of Love is a musical journey into the sensual life of S. Quanaah; a tapestry of uncensored pieces that highlight his personal experiences, observations and aspirations of love.

S. Quanaah [Saladin Allah] is a writer/author, youth advocate, creative artist and public speaker from Niagara Falls, NY [Atlantis]. He is a father of two daughters [Asiyah and Aziza] a Therapeutic/Recreation major who attended Central State University in Wilberforce Ohio, a Region 6 Representative of the Five Percenters [The Nation of Gods and Earths ] in WNY/Southern Ontario and founder of A.S.I.A. [www.atlantisschool.blogspot.com].

One of the most recognizable faces of the Five Percent Nation, in 2014 Saladin was globally cited as a subject matter expert regarding controversy surrounding Jay Z wearing a Five Percenter medallion at a Brooklyn Nets game alongside his wife Beyonce. Google: "Jay Z's jewellery 'refers to family'" and "Jay Z and Saladin Allah." In addition, Saladin worked as a program consultant for the History Channel show "Gangland", he has written over two hundred social commentary articles for various national/international publications, self-published 15 books and he produced/recorded 3 full length albums through his company Quanaah Publishing [www.quanaah-publishing.com/our-products]. You can also check out and subscribe to his popular Youtube channel A.S.I.A. TV. at: www.youtube.com/quanaaah and his Atlantis Build Talk Radio show at: www.soundcloud.com/atlantisbuild

In addition to writing, he presently facilitates the STYA youth program, organizes community events and travels as a public speaker.

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