Hot Petunias!
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Hot Petunias!

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Hot Petunias!

Artist/Band: Kerry Engle

Hot Petunias!
A Modern Fairy Tale in Dance.
Full length Production


The sun rises on the farm:
Granee's grandchildren, Dwarkin , Hasch Hasch, Buggy, and Melli come for a summer visit and Granee is delighted.
Granee decides to plant some lovely flowers in her garden. She and the children go to the market to purchase seeds for flowers. On their way to the market they encounter the mysterious Mr. Pluto Onium, a peddler who is selling goods out on the country roads. Mr. Onium works at the nuclear power plant in the evening and peddles through the countryside during the day. He tries to entice Granee to buy some of his wares. He happens to have flower seeds which he convinces Granee to purchase. This was especially nice since she, and the children still had a distance to travel to the market. Thrilled with their new flower seeds, Granee and the children head back home to plant them.
Granee and the children plant the seeds and water them. Soon the seeds begin to sprout and grow.
Smelling the pollen the bees and butterflies appear and begin pollinating the flowers which begin to bloom. Granee and the children are overly excited about the flowers that they have planted, however as they grow they do not look exactly like normal flowers and they cannot determine what is different about them.
The children decide to go to the flower garden to pick some of the flowers to take to Granee in order to surprise her. When they try to pick them however they are much too hot to touch or handle. The children recoil and shout Hot Petunias ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Is it the summer sun that has made the flowers too hot to handle, or did Mr. Pluto Onium accidentally bring something home from work that affected the seeds?

After much dilemma by Granee, the children and the animals, it is decided to leave the flowers alone and enjoy them from a distance, as they have also now taken on a curios dull glow. The centipedes along with other insects stampede through and also feel the heat from the flowers. In the meantime, away from the flowers, all of the animals are enjoying the fresh country air and the piggies perform a dance for us. The children are overjoyed at the piggies playing and splashing go to try to touch the flowers again. BUT oww owww owww

What a dilemma, what should we do? Everyone decides to give up and wait until the next year to plant more flowers. Being saddened by the whole affair Hasch Hasch dances to a beautiful but melancholy melody.

The beavers pass through on their way, to develop some new beaver type architecture in the creek, and see that the ground in the area is starting to dry. Beavers being natural water lovers do not like such a thing to happen in the midst of their neighborhood, so they decide to dig. They dig all of the way over to Mr. Buck Spring, who has been bubbling since the beginning of time. Soon water is bubbling and flowing over to the petunias and steam starts rising to cover the entire area. When the steam finally clears we see the petunias standing tall and proud with bright vibrant colors instead of the dull glowing hues they were emitting before.

Mr. Pluto Onium hearing of all the happenings comes to apologize for creating such a mess. He tells Granee and the Children that he realized that he had come home from work one day with a strange rock that had lodged in the cuff of his pants. He realized that it was from work and later returned it, but in the meantime he had loaded the flower seeds into his peddler cart.

Everyone realizes that the problem has been resolved and does a happy dance. A good time is had by all; even Mr. Pluto Onium, who has developed a strange rash and has to take cobalt blue colored medicine via IV, but he dances anyway with his IV attached.

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