Small Town Christmas

Small Town Christmas

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Small Town Christmas

Artist/Band: Michael Mish

A yuletide collection of traditional holiday songs done with original treatments.

"The end of a year - All the things I did ... the choices I made. The love I brought. The love I denied.

But a gentle stirring inside muses over the end of a millennium. A millennium!?

The various lives my soul has stitched through over the past 1000 years. In times of peace: in times of war. And all the births and deaths ... joys, and disappointments. Will this soul choose differently in the coming 1000 years? Will we choose differently? Something, perhaps, completely new ... completely different.

And the child born in the manger? Maybe in choosing His compassion; His unconditional love; and His strength, we can watch as the child is reawakened in the manger of our hearts."

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