Get To Know Me

Get To Know Me

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Get To Know Me

Artist/Band: Mark Dawson

This CD is a comprehensive overview of the personal recording career of Mark Dawson, lead vocalist of the legendary pop group, The Grass Roots.
These songs make up a 'best of' from his previous solo works, "Chapter Two", "making noise" and "One Saturday Night" (by Mark Dawson and the Kings of Snack). You'll enjoy newly-mastered remixes, 'alternate' and acoustic versions, plus three additional never-before-released tracks included on the CD.

1) The Ukulele Song
2) Cold Sweat On A Hot Night
3) And Your Bird Can Sing
4) Vampire's Lament (acoustic version)
5) So Unusual (rock/soul remix)
6) Temptation Eyes
7) Falling In Love Again
8) Put The Message In The Box
9) Bad Things
10) Hollywood (acoustic remix)
11) Strawmoosh

You may also be familiar with Dawson as the author of "Even More Noise" (released in 2015) and the host of "making noise with Mark Dawson", which broadcasts over the Our Generation Radio Network (

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