Fergusin blues

Fergusin blues

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Fergusin blues

Artist/Band: JaCee and the Jags

2017 Fergusin blues proceeds to benefit NAACP

This EP started with the song, *Fergusin blues* as a protest song to all of the shootings of black men in USA. We know now these crimes are coming to light because of video cameras. We wish and sing for healing and diversity to become more and more mainstream in USA societies and around the globe. NayJ came up with the lyrics and the strong vocal.

Then JaCee got so moved by the Syrian refugee crisis and the millions of people on the march across N. Africa, crossing open bodies of water and into Europe-he wrote, *Land behind the Sun (I am Nazir)*. Smugglers of humans are ruthless gangs of organized crime syndicates. JaCee tells the story of a Syrian boy and his papa running from their bombed out apartment searching for a, "Land behind the Sun". NayJ does her own version of this song that feels gospel.

EP *Fergusin blues* includes some older JaCee songs you may have missed, like *Mr. Mo the Crow* and *Is this Luv?*

JaCee and the Jags wish you peace and fulfillment and we think about people struggling to live

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