I've Got a Spirit
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I've Got a Spirit

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I've Got a Spirit

Artist/Band: Tobey Pfeiffer

I've Got a Spirit - Songs for Children 1 is a collection of children's songs, mainly based on Scripture passages and focused on encouraging a love of God. All the songs are with simple vocals and an acoustical guitar accompaniment. Our mission is to circulate songs matching the high standard of God's New Testament ministry. The songs of the churches should keep pace with the advance of the Lord's move. Singing the truths of God's Word is a living way to transmit the heritage of truth entrusted to us into our children, new believers, and fellow members of Christ's Body. By uplifting the singing of the saints, we will uplift the spiritual culture among the churches today and hasten our Lord's return. We hope our small contribution will help meet some of the needs of our Lord's people.

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