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Tome I

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Tome I

Artist/Band: Erang

"Tome I" was originally released digitally in may 18, 2012, on
It marks the birth of the First Age of the Kingdom of Erang.
13 tracks of Dungeon Synth, Dark Ambient and Medieval Fantasy music.

"I make Dungeon Synth and Medieval Fantasy Music, mostly inspired by my own nostalgia about places, people and events of my past, forever lost...

Since my birth, Erang is (and will forever be) a part of me... and I've created my own lore about the Land of the Five Seasons and all the places & characters within it: the Stone Giant, the Drunken Tyrant, the Kingdom of Erang, the Underwater Kingdom, the Lonely Madman, the High Tower, the Greenberry Lodge, etc.

My music is very intimate, mostly influenced by books (the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion), old fantasy movies (Dark Crystal, Willow, Legend, Conan, etc.) and role-playing games from my childhood (tabletop : Middle-Earth Role Playing, Dungeons and Dragons, Stormbringer, etc. or video games : Dungeon Master, Zelda, Secret Of Mana, etc.)..."

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1.Another World, Another Time
2.No Apprentice This Year !
3.Strange Eyes From The Trees
4.A Wizard Is Never Late
5.The Way Of The Horse Rider
6.Woods Lullaby
7.Ballad For Erang
8.A Pale Green Light In The Night
9.Servant Of The Nothing
10.Dreams Of Youth Are Regrets Of Maturity
11.Hereby Banished
12.Ring A Dong Dillo !
13.Deep Down Here By The Dark River
[Bonus Track] Sounds Of The Ancient Crypt

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