Tome I

Tome I

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Tome I

Artist/Band: Erang

Tome I is my first album and was originally released digitally in may 18, 2012, on

It marks the birth of the First Age of the Kingdom of Erang.

Erang has a very personal meaning. It is a person, a lonely ghost from a long forgotten past and I tell his story through my fantasy music... But it is a place as well. A Kingdom from my childhood that nobody knows and where I will probably never go back...

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1.Another World, Another Time

2.No Apprentice This Year !

3.Strange Eyes From The Trees

4.A Wizard Is Never Late

5.The Way Of The Horse Rider

6.Woods Lullaby

7.Ballad For Erang

8.A Pale Green Light In The Night

9.Servant Of The Nothing

10.Dreams Of Youth Are Regrets Of Maturity

11.Hereby Banished

12.Ring A Dong Dillo !

13.Deep Down Here By The Dark River

[Bonus Track] Sounds Of The Ancient Crypt

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