Labyrinth Series Guided Meditations - Volume 4

Labyrinth Series Guided Meditations - Volume 4

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Labyrinth Series Guided Meditations - Volume 4

Artist/Band: Irene Siegel

Labyrinth Series Guided Meditations - Volume 4

Meditation 7 - Revealing The Shadow - 20:33
Meditation 8 - The Warrior Spirit - 19:43

A Series of 16 Guided Meditations in 8 Volumes

Irene Siegel, Ph.D.

A Labyrinth is a walking meditation tool that takes us from a path of what
appears to be crisis and confusion, to a journey that has purpose and
direction, leading us to our spiritual center. The Labyrinth Series guided
meditations are designed to lead you on a journey of healing and
transformation. Through the power of imagination, your mind can access
your ability to activate your own healing potential. Whether you need
healing for a physical illness or injury, an emotional issue, or are looking
for greater spiritual awareness, this series will lead you back to a restoration
of balance and the integration of the body, mind and spirit. You will have
an opportunity to use these meditations for your own specific needs and
issues. As you progress through the series, you will go deeper into your
own personal work and healing. These guided meditations and visualizations
are an invaluable tool to utilize along with your health or mental health
treatment, or to go deeper on your own spiritual path. Find your way out
of the confusion, and back to your Center Point.

Irene Siegel, LCSW is Co-Director of Center Point, an Integrated Health and
Counseling Center in Huntington New York where she teaches and conducts
her clinical practice. She received her masters degree in Social Work from
Columbia University in 1977, and has studied ancient healing arts throughout
North and South America. She lectures, leads workshops and groups, and
is the author of Eyes of the Jaguar.

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