digitalTRAFFIC soundscapes [01]
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digitalTRAFFIC soundscapes [01]

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digitalTRAFFIC soundscapes [01]

Artist/Band: digitalTRAFFIC

20 Royalty Free music soundscape tracks for use in multimedia projects, events, pre-concert music, podcasts, tele-casts, video games, youtube videos, vlogs, apps, software, training videos, films, presentations, adverts and advertising, audiobooks, seminars and conferences, theatre productions, voice-over background music, commercial purposes, business premises, in-store, broadcasting, even elevators.

"Mesmerizing, thoughtful and beautifully bizarre."
Enhance your multimedia projects.

Ambient textures, abstract themes, futuristic atmospheric soundscapes.

Tracks can be looped and manipulated to suit your project requirements. All FadeIn / FadeOut to enable track looping for longer / extended pieces.

The purchaser of this music is licenced to use the contents for personal, commercial or professional use without paying any further fee. For commercial or professional use, music composition may be credited to the composer - soundscapes:digitalTRAFFIC

30 Second Track List
1. Algorithm 2. Code 3. Domina 4. Exogene 5. Joule 6. Knowledge 7. Magenta 8. Presence 9. Scent 10. Vale

60 Second Track List
1. Bubl 2. Cloud 3. Dreamscape 4. Evermore 5. Faith 6. Genesis 7. Ignis 8. Novo 9. Sugar 10. Terra

Futuristic, Progressive Electronic, electronica, Abstract, Ambient, Atmospheric. Original Unique Instrumental Soundscapes, Ambient Textures, Ethereal Overtones.

Original soundscape music for dark and distant landscapes, futuristic hitech environments, slow / medium tempo industrial, space background atmosphere and ambience. Includes tracks ideal for epic, majestic, dramatic, powerful, cinematic, fantasy, suspenseful scenes.
Dark, Earthy, Edgy, Eerie, Flowing, Intelligent, Light, Mechanical, Melancholic, Moody, Mysterious, Pensive, Reflective, Sedate, Slow, Strange.

Album contains 10 x 30 second and 10 x 60 second tracks.

Original soundscapes created and produced by digitalTRAFFIC.


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Format: CD-R