Internalising Karate
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Internalising Karate

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Internalising Karate

Many senior karateka, particularly those who are noticing the effects of age, express the desire to explore its "softer" side. Karate is, after all, meant to combine both "go" (hard) and "ju" (soft) techniques.

In this video, prominent traditional martial arts researcher Dan Djurdjevic uses his 35 year background in both karate and the 3 "internal" or "soft" arts of China (taijiquan, baguazhang and xingyiquan) to explore the "softer" side to karate.
While some would prefer to imagine this "softer" side as some form of paranormal or supernatural skill, Dan reveals it to be something better: something concrete that can be learned; a tool that can be acquired and utilised.
Fighting in way that is "internal" or "soft" is really just another reference to "fighting smart": finding efficiency and economy in your own movement and learning to utilise your opponent's force against him or her.
And while the three internal arts of China do indeed contain principles that allow you to "fight smart", Dan reveals that you don't have to go beyond karate to acquire and utilise the same principles.
So in this video Dan covers such topics as:
Hand and foot timing to generate full body momentum.
Grounding/rooting and its link to kata like sanchin and naihanchi.
How to avoid over-extension in counters so as to maintain control in a melee.
In so doing, Dan uses as examples kata templates from both major traditions of karate: the Shuri/Tomari te school (Pinan Nidan and Naihanchi) and the Naha te school (Sanchin, Suparinpei and Geki sai dai ni) to construct functional exercises, drills and forms to teach these softer methods and explore their application in karate as a civilian defence method.

For a preview video see:

The follow-on video to this is "Bridging Hard and Soft Vol. 1: Fundamentals" which introduces specific Chinese techniques not found in karate but which are very "karate-like" and further "bridge" the gap to a softer approach. See

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