Assunta Spina
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Assunta Spina

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Assunta Spina

Italian silent screen legend Francesca Bertini appears in her most famous role in Assunta Spina, an operatic tale of love and sacrifice in turn of the century Naples.

After being assaulted by her jealous lover Michele (Gustavo Serena), Assunta (Bertini) becomes the mistress of a corrupt Don (Carlo Benetti) so she can visit Michele while he is in prison. When Michele is unexpectedly released, he discovers Assunta's "betrayal," setting the stage for the film's exquisitely tragic finale.

By carefully preserving the regional dialect and customs in his prose, poet and playwright Salvatore Di Giacomo captured the unique essence of Napolitanita: the ability of the Italian working class to maintain their dignity even as they struggle for survival. In harmony with this approach, Assunta Spina was shot largely on location, capturing precious glimpses of life on the streets of Naples, and presaging the rise of Italian Neorealism.

Assunta Spina
1914 / 62 minutes / Color Tinted / Italy

Starring Francesca Bertini, Gustavo Serena, Carlo Benetti, Luciano Albertini

Directed by Francesca Bertini and Gustavo Serena

From the Play by Salvatore Di Giacomo

Photographed by Alberto G. Carta

Music Compiled by Rodney Sauer

Music Performed by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

Produced for DVD by David Shepard

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Francesco Bertini, Gustavo Serena

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