The Eyes of St. Anthony

The Eyes of St. Anthony

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The Eyes of St. Anthony

Paul Devlin's fictional short stars James McCaffrey, (co-star of Rescue Me) as Tony O'Neil a talented, but very distracted neon artist.

Tony loses everything he touches. And if he's not careful, that includes his girlfriend Corrin. Desperate, Tony seeks the help of Shah, a strange and powerful mystic who has learned to use science to achieve spiritual goals.

Shah's newest invention is a pair of extraordinary glasses. Try them on, think of an object that's lost and in a moment, it can be seen. The glasses need field-testing and Tony is the perfect subject.

At first, Tony is back in control, finding all the things he's lost. But the glasses are more complex than he ever imagined. Tony is about to discover that sometimes, the worst part of losing things, is finding them...

James McCaffrey

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