Basic Lockpicking

Basic Lockpicking

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Basic Lockpicking

This instructional DVD teaches the entry-level student the basic operation of several different types of mechanical locks and successful techniques of how to defeat them. The information within this video is intended as a basic introduction to the profession of locksmithing and as a fundamental guide for the performing escape artist.

Packed with techniques and tips, this video is an invaluable tool for the entry-level locksmith, performing escape artist, or academic enthusiast.


Introduction, Lever locks, Warded locks, Pin tumbler locks, Lock defeating techniques, Dimple, bell, and wafer locks, Impressioning keys, Anti-picking techniques, Padlock & combination locks, Automobile locks, Practical lock picking, Conclusion

Michael A. Stelzer is a certified locksmith and holds three doctoral of science degrees. Additionally, he has published over fifty instructional books and videos covering a wide range of topics.

Instructional DVD for academic study only//2016/ Approximately 90 minutes.

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