How to Become a Legal Videographer - 2016 Edition

How to Become a Legal Videographer - 2016 Edition

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How to Become a Legal Videographer - 2016 Edition

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Advancements in technology have made civil litigation more efficient and the legal practitioners who employ this technology more effective. Consequently, a corresponding increase in a variety of tech-laden legal support jobs has been observed in recent years. One such career is Legal Videographer. A legal videographer, also known as a forensic videographer or court videographer, is responsible for using video equipment to record digital images for civil court related proceedings, and they occasionally present (with the help of legal support software) what they have recorded at trial. Recording depositions is how legal videographers spend the vast majority of their time. Depositions frequently contain exhibits that must also be recorded when necessary by the videographer. Sometimes, exhibits or evidence that has not been introduced as an exhibit will be filmed outside of a deposition setting; the filming of a damaged vehicle being inspected is a good example. Legal videographers will also from time to time record a legal proceeding that is not part of a case; will executions and real estate transactions fall under this category. The future is bright for those in the legal support field. According to, the employment of legal support professionals is projected to grow by 8 percent from 2016 to 2026!

If you are interested in learning how to shoot legal video on your own, there are training manuals and instructional videos available. The “How to Become a Legal Videographer” instructional video and its accompanying training manual is a great choice for those wishing to get serious about becoming a legal videographer, or even for those who are just curious about the day to day operations that legal videographers must go through.

Good luck in your new career as a legal videographer!

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