The Girl in the Cornfield Special Edition
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The Girl in the Cornfield Special Edition

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The Girl in the Cornfield Special Edition

When her kid sister Tiffany gets sick at a slumber party, Heather and best friend Corrine leave a party after midnight to take her home. While driving through a seemingly endless stretch of farmland, Heather begins dozing off at the wheel. She awakens to Tiffany's scream and sees a woman in a white dress right in front of the bumper. By the time Heather and Corrine get out of the car, the woman has vanished, leaving behind a trail of blood that leads out into a nearby cornfield. The girls investigate but leave when they're unable to find her. That night both Heather and Corrine are terrorized in their homes by an unseen intruder. When Corrine is left with a white dress, they realize that someone or something has followed them home. Can they figure out who, and what it wants before it's too late?

The Special Edition includes an interview with Briana Aceti, the original trailer, a Blooper Reel, and a discussion between Scott Barnes of and Director Ryan Callaway on the film's development and plot.

Film Running Time: 80 minutes

Briana Aceti, Tina Duong, Madeline Lupi, Carmine Giordano, Tiffany Browne-Tavarez, Victoria Guthrie

Title #850024550
Format: DVD-R