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Clark Kemper, a 38-year-old high school drop out, never learned how to read words due to Dyslexia, but he can read people. He developed this skill over a lifetime of navigating a world he can't understand, and he uses his sixth sense largely to protect himself. Clark lives his life as a passive spectator. As a boy, he watched his mother walk out on him and his father. Now, content with the status quo, he works as a dishwasher by day and putters around in solitude at night. When he meets Rachel, a struggling actress with her own unsettling past, he's forced to confront the ugly truth that life is passing him by. Can he overcome the one obstacle from which his intuition can't guard him?

The DVD includes behind the scenes featurette.

"This was a very enjoyable movie. Very well done. Great performances by Jamie-Lyn Markos and Timothy Neil Williams."

~ Marcie L. Beileron

"It's a well written, lovable story about a pair of flawed individuals that meet and discover their personal struggle. A recommended watch for those in the mood for a romantic comedy that praises the normal individual instead of the high school prom Queen/King. The characters' flawed natures are well portrayed, and the they are enjoyable parts of the story."

~ Amazon Customer

"A special movie about a couple trying to help each other overcome huge obstacles in their life. Great story, well written. Highly recommend."


Best Actor | Queens World Film Festival
Honorable Mention | Trenton Film Festival

Film Festivals:
Queens World Film Festival
Silver Springs International Film Festival
Trenton Film Festival
Vero Beach Wine & Film Festival
Orlando Film Festival

Title #850041247
Format: DVD-R