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Six Great Comedy Shorts on One DVD!

MUDDLED IN MUD (1913) Starring Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Mack Swain, Edgar Kennedy and the Keystone Kops. A Mack Sennett comedy. Here's one of the most famous early Sennett comedies! Ford is dead set on marrying Mabel until another suitor arrives and proposes first. The new couple sneak off to be married in a rowboat to escape Ford's drunken frenzy, but Ford catches on to their plan and drains the lake! Action, gunfire, cannon fire(!), the Keystone Kops and lots and lots of mud!

COPS (1922) starring Buster Keaton. Not your typical version, this special edition of COPS includes all of the original titles as well as the often censored "goat gland" sequence! Buster's girl gives him the air until he can prove himself to be a good business man. In the process he accidentally steals a family's every possession, sets off a bomb and runs from every cop in the city. This is deservedly one of Buster's most famous and beloved silent comedies. A real blast!

WILD PUPPIES (1927) Supervised by George Marshall. A true rarity! After the tremendous success of Hal Roach's "Our Gang" series, many of the Hollywood studios tried to get into the act with their own imitations, often with disappointing results. This little film from Fox, however, is very, very good! Levitsky's gang, for playing football on the bully's turf, are threatened with a good pummeling. Our boys, however, are not so easily subdued. They wage an all out war on their rivals that includes trench warfare (with vegetables), a home-made bomber plane, a blimp and a very large, very angry goat! Lots of non-stop action and comedy! It doesn't let up for a second! A real treat! Made from an original amber tinted Kodascope.

ORANGES AND LEMONS (1923) starring Stan Laurel, Katherine Grant and Eddie Baker. Stan is great in this early solo short! While working at a citrus grove, he manages to enrage his boss and everyone else! Fast moving and filled with great gags from beginning to end!

BROMO AND JULIET (1926) starring Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, Corliss Palmer and William Orlamond. Charley gets roped into playing Romeo in an amateur stage production, which is bad enough, but he must also round up his girl?s drunken dad and get to the show on time! This film is packed with terrific gags from beginning to end. It's simply hysterical and certainly one of Chase?s very best silent comedies! Look for Oliver Hardy is the frustrated cab driver.

THE BUCCANEERS (1924) starring Our Gang. Mickey and the gang build their own pirate ship and prepare to wreak havoc on the bounding main. It's a great plan until they launch the ship, which promptly sinks like a stone. To keep the gang happy, their pal, Captain Whalen, lets them play on his boat - provided they keep it tied to the dock. When their dog (an early incarnation of Pete without the eye circle) eats the rope, they find themselves drifting on the high seas! This presents no problem for the gang as they start the motor and attack the U.S. Navy!

Mabel Normand, Ford Sterling, Mack Swain, Edgar Kennedy, The Keystone Kops, Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase, Our Gang

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