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Six Great Comedy Shorts on One DVD!

LIZZIES OF THE FIELD (1924) starring Billy Bevan, Sid Smith and Andy Clyde. It's all-out mayhem as team members from rival garages compete for a $25,000 purse in a free for all road race! A great example of the Sennett studio doing what they did best. Crazy comedy, high speed thrills and breathtaking stunts!

FORGOTTEN SWEETIES (1927) starring Charley Chase and Anita Garvin. Charley, the forgetful husband, discovers his old flame living in an apartment across the hall. This does not set well with Anita, his jealous wife, who decides she and Charley will move to a new home. The real fun begins when Charley finds himself trapped in his former girlfriend's apartment as her husband arrives home!

PAY YOUR DUES (1919) starring Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels and Snub Pollard. While playing pin the tail on the donkey with Bebe and her friends, the blindfolded Harold is mistaken for a runaway initiate into the Ancient Order of Simps. The initiation ceremony he is forced to undergo is both painful and hilarious! Soon Bebe discovers Harold's plight as she and her friends rush to the rescue!

WHY GIRLS SAY NO (1927) starring Max Davidson, Marjorie Daw, Creighton Hale and Spec O'Donnell. Story by Stan Laurel. Max wants his daughter, Becky, to marry a nice Jewish boy. When Creighton Hale enters her life, things get a bit complicated. Hale does his best to convince Max that he's Jewish with hilarious results! Oliver Hardy appears as the frustrated cop on the beat.

UPPERCUTS (1926) starring Jack Duffy. A Christie comedy. The anti-prize fight club needs a new president. Jack and his rival, Hiram Prune, decide to settle things once and for all with (you guessed it) a prize fight! Jack recruits his butler, James, to throw the punches. James has fighting experience since he lives with his wife AND mother in law. His opponent is Battling Bittsky (half brother of Two Bittsky). When things start looking bad for James, a riot ensues. The police chase Jack all over town as he uses a bicycle, a truck and his wits to get away! Things get a little warm for him when he hides in an outdoor incinerator! This is a very funny film with good production values, plenty of laughs and action! Very few of the comedies produced by Al Christie survive, but this film is a terrific example!

MONKEY BUSINESS (1926) starring Our Gang. What could be better than an Our Gang Comedy? Why, an Our Gang comedy with a monkey, of course! Farina makes friends with a boxing-trained monkey and uses the Chimp's talents to help him beat up his enemies. Soon, the gang decide that there's money to be made by putting on a show. While they make preparations, the monkey destroys Farina's house and goes on a drunken rampage!

Billy Bevan, Sid Smith, Andy Clyde, Charley Chase, Anita Garvin, Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, Snub Pollard, Max Davidson, Creighton Hale, Spec O'Donnell, Jack Duffy, Our Gang

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