MY BOY (1921) and PLAYERS AT PLAY (1929)

MY BOY (1921) and PLAYERS AT PLAY (1929)

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MY BOY (1921) and PLAYERS AT PLAY (1929)

MY BOY (1921)
and PLAYERS AT PLAY (1929)

MY BOY starring Jackie Coogan and Claude Gillingwater. Directed by Albert Austin. Jackie Blair (Coogan) is a young immigrant on his way to America who is orphaned when his mother dies during the voyage. Upon his arrival at Ellis Island, with no guardian or relative to claim him, Jackie faces deportation. Learning of Jackie's misfortune from the officials, Old Captian Hicks (Gillingwater) takes pity on the boy and encourages him to play with the other children. When Jackie gets mixed up with a large family, he is accidentally released and finds himself alone on the city streets where he spots his "friend" the captain and follows him home. The captain isn't happy about his new guest and determines to return him to the authorities. That is, until Jackie's affection for the crusty old man begins to melt his heart. This is a lovely film and a great vehicle for Coogan. The sentiment and pathos you'd expect are here, but there are also liberal doses of comedy and action.

PLAYERS AT PLAY Here's a neat little short with more stars than you can shake a stick at! It's a "behind the scenes" film showing what some of the Hollywood stars do on their time off. We see Neil Hamilton boating, Robert Armstrong boxing, Junior Coghlan playing baseball, Phyllis Haver and Marie Provost playing croquet, Jackie Coogan swimming, Noah Beery fishing and Thelma Todd horseback riding!

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

Jackie Coogen, Claude Gillingwater, Neil Hamilton, Robert Armstrong, Junior Coghlan, Phyllis Haver, Marie Provost, Noah Beery and Thelma Todd

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