GRANDMA'S BOY (1922) and I DO (1921)

GRANDMA'S BOY (1922) and I DO (1921)

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GRANDMA'S BOY (1922) and I DO (1921)

and I DO (1921)

GRANDMA'S BOY starring Harold Lloyd, Anna Townsend and Mildred Davis. In this, Harold's first feature film, he is a coward. He's afraid of the bullying rival for Mildred's affections, he's afraid of tramps, he's even afraid of his own shadow. His loving grandmother takes pity on him and tells him the story of his grandfather (also a coward) who became a Civil War hero with the help of a magic charm which she gives to Harold. As long as Harold has the charm he's afraid of nothing! He marches forth to demonstrate his newfound courage in some of the funniest episodes ever seen in silent comedy!

I DO starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis and Noah Young. Harold becomes domesticated after his marriage and is soon seen walking down the street with Mildred pushing a baby carriage...full of bootleg hooch! When his brother-in-law drops off his kids at Harold's house, tranquillity comes to an end. Between his nephew sawing apart his furniture, nailing his shoes to the floor and setting off fireworks in the house, Harold has his hands full. At last, late at night, with the kids finally asleep...there's the burglar!

Original music scores composed and performed by Ben Model!

Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Anna Townsend, Noah Young and Gus Leonard

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