THE GENERAL (1927) and SUNDOWN, LTD. (1924)

THE GENERAL (1927) and SUNDOWN, LTD. (1924)

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THE GENERAL (1927) and SUNDOWN, LTD. (1924)

and SUNDOWN LTD. (1924)

THE GENERAL starring Buster Keaton and Marion Mack. Long prized by film collectors, this is the Griggs Moviedrome/Essex Films release. This version was justly sought after not only for its visual quality, but also for its wonderful sound track produced by Bob Lee in 1977. The track consists of a terrific Stuart Oderman piano score along with plenty of perfectly timed and appropriate sound effects. It's a real treat! Film prints of this version are still in high demand and command a high price on the used film market.

In the film, Buster plays a Civil War era railroad engineer who is not allowed to enlist in the Confederate Army since he's more valuable to the south driving his train. This doesn't stop Buster from getting into the action, however, as he foils a gang of Union spies single handed!

SUNDOWN LTD. starring Our Gang. In this fitting companion piece to THE GENERAL, Mickey and the gang are having a blast playing in the railroad yard. After getting kicked out for taking a train on a wild ride, they decide to build one of their own. Their new dog-powered wonder is one of the most ingenious and elaborate contraptions ever seen in an Our Gang film! Jealous Toughy's continuous attempts to wreck it eventually send the gang and their train careening through the streets of Culver City!

As a bonus, this DVD also contains Keaton's 1961 hidden camera TV show appearance in which he amazes the customers in a diner with a series of hysterical mishaps!

Buster Keaton, Marion Mack and Our Gang

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