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Sunset Rock

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Sunset Rock

Jasey Rae, a Midwest college student with a passion for online fandom, travels to Hollywood in order to research famous YouTube personality known only as Lincoln for her thesis on social media, but the relationship between fan and creator soon becomes complicated as the pair develop a new web series together. A growing romantic bond causes each to examine the way they project themselves online and imagine one another.

Set in Los Angele's emerging YouTube community, Sunset Rock is a romantic coming-of-age story, dealing issues of celebrity worship, first love and disillusionment - reminiscent of films like Once, The Puffy Chair, and Like Crazy.

Bonus features include the theatrical trailer, never-before-seen deleted scenes, original audition footage, and the directors short film - The October Crisis.


Megan Baim & Andrew Nowak

Film Festivals:
Phoenix International Film Festival 2016

Title #850049470
Format: DVD-R